Monday, May 10, 2010

Re: Stephen Marcopolis' blog

Let me first start off saying that I realize that everyone has your own opinion, and probably anything I say will not change your view. But, I also think the point of these journals is to stir up new thought and simply agreeing with someone is not as productive. This blog had no comments so here I go!
This blog has severe discrepancies in the statistics used. I do not believe the argument of abortion is a case of murder vs. not murder because murder is such a harsh word. Yes it is true that most(75 %) of abortions occur during the first trimester. But, it CAN "be identified as a baby". That hyperlink in fact is a picture of a 11 week fetus and it looks like a human to me! It DOES have eyes(week 5), legs(week 5), ears( week 5), heartbeat that is different from its mother(day 22), yes all things that to me, are human characteristic. You might say that you could identify a human by them. So yes the statement "Abortion stops a beating heart" does apply to all abortion after the 22nd day.
Now for the 2nd paragraph, which deals with the quality of life of the aborted child. Yes many situation in which abortions there are people in lesser financial situations(42% of women are below the poverty line). And yes many times they do not have the time to take care of the child. But, there are approximately 500,000 families in the US that ARE willing to take care of a child. These families are usually higher in income and a traditional, nuclear family. All of which produce a better living space for a child. But even IF they decided to not give their child up for adoption, it is ludicrous to believe that stopping that killing that child( Because as you may recall is it a human child during the first trimester after examining some facts above.) is better than allowing them to live in a lower condition of life. This is America for crying out loud! Not Uganda out in the bush. These children that would have a "bad life" are still much better off than a considerable percentage of the world.
The final paragraph is the most truthful of any of them. the statement "these adults save themselves from true hardship" is what the issue truly is. As long as the life of the conceptors( parents don't kill their children) is not interfered with it then its ok. That is what the media pushes for even though these ARE humans, they ARE alive, and they DO feel pain(week 12) during the abortion. There we have it. Take it or leave it. In the end we will all be judged by God for the choices we make.

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