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Being Chased by a Possum

Brittany Liebenow

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16 May 2010

Being Chased by a Possum

I suppose my junior year was a lot like this one time I got chased by a possum. Being chased by anything scares you a little and pushes you to move faster than you may enjoy. But possums also cannot run very fast, and it is fairly evident that even though you are being chased by something, the threat is taking its time to get to you. That is how my junior year felt. Overall, I felt like I never had enough time to do anything: study, fence, hang out with my friends, sleep. On a day-to-day basis, however, I felt like the days dragged on for the better side of forever. Just to get through school weeks, I had to give myself something to look forward at the end of each week.

I did, however, feel like my junior year went by unfathomably quickly. Summer starts in a week and, to be honest, there are reasons I am a little upset about that. Of course I won’t miss the excessive amounts of work I endured this year, but I will miss seeing my friends and some of my teachers every day. Especially Mr. Glenn and AP Language and Composition.

You know what Mr. Glenn? My Microsoft Word program still won’t add in apostrophes anymore because of that The Road assignment for summer reading. The one where we copied the style of The Road? I left out so many apostrophes I changed the program to not add any back in. It seems too soon for that to be a whole school year ago.

I do feel like I had a good year though. I grew a lot as a person, and I met a lot of great new people at our great new school. I am very glad I decided to ditch Northview for Johns Creek because I really do like it better. I am happy that I was able to experience the things I experienced even if at times they made me frustrated and angry. I feel as if those things made me a better person in the long run.

Fencing went well this year, and my coach opened up her new club. I competed very well, and I am now a coach at the Olympic Fencers Club. I love that club, and it really makes me happy to be there.

Schoolwork and grades were schoolwork and grades, but they did teach me something about myself. I learned that I have at least a little bit of writing talent, and I learned how to push through obstacles to obtain my goals. I learned that, although I am not so great at math, if I put my mind to it, anything is possible.

I also feel like, even though I am still not so sure about who I am and what I want, that I have a better idea about where my life may be heading. I feel like I am slowly becoming who I will and should be. I feel like I am finally letting go of the things that held me back as a person before, and I feel like I am starting to become real Brittany again.

The fact that my junior year is over scares me a little bit. I am so ready to get out of high school and go to college, but at the same time, I am uncertain about how ready I am to do that. I will miss this year, but I am happy I have experienced it. And I can’t wait for the summer. Don’t forget me, and maybe look for my book—I mean novel—in the future.

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