Sunday, May 16, 2010

my school year

At the beginning of the year, I regretted leaving Chattahoochee. I was extremely annoyed for the first week of school, because I was somehow scheduled to take classes that I didn’t sign up for and wasn’t scheduled for classes that I did sign up for. The worst part was the fact that my scheduling mishaps could have easily been solved with a quick trip to the counselor’s office. Unfortunately, many other students also had schedule problems thus I was not able to visit the counselor for a week and a half.
And once I was finally able to visit the counselor, I found out that ap chemistry was not going to be available that year. Even more annoyed, I decided to take ap physics instead which turned out to be a pretty good class. I do not think that I have learned more material in any other class than I have learned in physics. I suppose that is one benefit from the initial scheduling problems.
Looking at my school year as a whole, I think it is fair to say that I have not only internalized the material in my math and science classes, but that I have somewhat improved my writing and reading comprehension. Before the year began, I knew that my writing was mediocre and my attention span was next to nothing thus making reading incredibly difficult. Through multiple timed writings and countless multiple choice practice, not to mention the many books we read, my writing abilities have fairly improved and my reading attention span has increased.
One thing that greatly improved for me this year is my work ethic. For the first two years of high school, I was incredibly lazy, but now that I think about it, that probably applies for the entirety of my schooling career. Anyways, I found out to no surprise that a consequence of taking four ap classes is that the workload will be greater than if I were taking zero ap classes. Fortunately, I slowly adapted to actually putting forth effort to do all of my homework. I guess I never realized how little effort it takes to finish my homework earlier than later. However, despite saying that, I still procrastinate a ton.
Leaving Chattahoochee to attend Johns Creek was definitely tragic. I say this mostly for some seemingly small details that really bother me. Raising the prices on multiple food items is an excellent example. I know a new school needs more money, but if that is the case, why is there a brand new television in addition to a brand new costly smart board in every single room. Seriously, it makes no sense to place a smart board in every single room; do they really believe that every teacher will maximize their new personal expensive smart board’s value by frequently using it? I also am annoyed with the fact that students cannot visit the media center during lunch without a pass. What does this accomplish exactly, besides frustrated students? But if these are the things that I am complaining about, then I guess I can call this school year a success.

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