Sunday, May 9, 2010


Abortion, or the termination of a pregnancy during the early stages, is a very sensitive subject to most people. Abortion is something almost everyone has a rigid opinion on. Subjects in our former blogs such as globalization and global warming are not as controversial, to me at least, as abortion. The subject of abortion brings up many moral issues that both sides of the argument get worked up over. One side believing that the mother should have the choice to terminate her child and the other side believing that abortion is an immoral act of murder. Personally, I am very “pro-life” and I do believe that abortion should be deemed illegal in our nation because to quote Dr. Seuss, “a person is a person no matter how small”. This statement is true no matter how cliché and overused it may be.

Abortion is murder. All you haters out there can just go ahead and make a rebuttal and try to convince me that the embryo does not begin to develop until after three months, but I’m going to tell you right now: you’re wrong! It has been proven that the heart starts beating between 18 and 25 days, electrical brainwaves have been recorded after 43 days, the brain and all body systems are present and functioning by 8 weeks, at 8 weeks the baby will wake and sleep, sucks it’s thumb, and hiccup, and by the end of 9 weeks the baby has its own unique fingerprints. How can we support a government that firmly believes that murder is illegal but at the same times allows abortion? If a woman becomes pregnant by accident and doesn’t have the means to support their child, they should not be able to just metaphorically turn an “off” switch on their pregnancy. I believe that adoption is the best option for all mothers who cannot or do not wish to take care of their children.

I have an adopted older sister whose birth mother was adamantly considering aborting her before she was convinced to give my sister away to my parents who at the time were unable to get pregnant. The thought that my sister may not be around today because of the option of abortion really upsets me and for this reason makes my pro-life stance qualified. Mothers wishing to abort their babies need to realize that abortion is a selfish decision that can be avoided through the option of adoption. Not only will they benefit a family that is in my example unable to get pregnant, but they will also provide their already developing child a better life. Abortion, for me, also violates what I believe spiritually. I believe that all humans are created by God, even the babies made from one-night-stands and to abort them would be the same thing as taking away a human’s life. I believe that because we are made in God’s image, whoever takes the life of another human being, unborn babies included, forfeits the right to his own life. Abortion takes away the authority of God who commands “You shall not murder”.

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  1. I agree with Kristen and all the points that she makes in this article. She used a good fact such as the heart begins to beat in a baby between 18 to 25 days after a woman becomes pregnant. If you do not want to have a baby you should use birth control and if that does not work then you should buy the day after pill and use it immediately when you are informed that you are pregnant so that it is not even remotely considered murder. However, considering that babies come from women's bodies, they should have the majority say on whether they want or choose to want a baby or not, but they should still have the baby regardless and if the choose not to want it in the end then they could put that baby up for adoption.