Sunday, May 9, 2010

Journal Entry- 5/10/10

Abortion is and always has been a very touchy topic. It always boils down to the same debate: should a women be able to choose what stays in her body or is killing an unborn baby murder? Ever since the women's progressive movement in the 60's, it had been nationally decided in Roe vs. Wade that a women can choose to abort her baby in the first trimester. Today, each separate state has more specific laws and regulations that go along with that. Abortion, in my opinion, is needed in our country, especially with the number of teenagers and ruthless couples that persistently decide to have unprotected sex.

A world without abortion would be very devastating. Imagine the number of young teenage girls and boys whose college hopes and career goals would be shattered because of one decision to have a little fun one night. Pro-choice advocates obviously see this point and believe that a women should get to choose whether or not they want to have a baby. I do not believe, however, that this right should get abused and people can just do whatever they want and have abortion to fall back on. Morally, thats a little on the scandalous side. Making abortion completely illegal, a goal which pro-life supporters are all about, would have a very negative effect on the population of the United States. I believe that women need this right, and if it was made illegal, a nasty black market type of abortional procedures would arise and be used to help desperate mothers-to-be.

Pro-life supporters believe that a human fetus is a human being and killing it would be equivalent to killing a potentially fully functioning human being. Many argue that a fetus is a human person but not a human being because it has no right to life. Pro-choice supporters think that a woman has the right to control her own body regardless, no matter what. I do think that women should have the choice, but it should be made as soon as possible after conception for my own moral and ethic sake. Killing a baby as a zygote is much different from killing it as a embryo or fetus. I think the case Roe vs. Wade successfully determined a healthy medium for compromise from each opposing view point. Making abortion illegal would lead to the rise of demand for birth control. I think many more women would choose to prevent pregnancy via drugs in order to prevent having to end up with no choice but to keep their unborn child.

Either way you choose to look at the picture, there are positives and negatives to each point of view, but generally, I think that abortion is necessary to protect the potential baby's life. If a child is born to an unprepared mother and father with lack of financial security, the baby might have a long and hard childhood ahead of him or her. Not only this, but a mother who feels she isn't ready or capable of having a child should not be forced to have one, even though she should have thought about that before having sex with someone.

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  1. Chase, I respect that you are approaching both sides of this argument. I would like to point something out, however. You said, "I think that abortion is necessary to protect the potential baby's life." Right. So murdering the baby will help save its life? Makes sense.
    I agree that some of these children will have rough lives if born, yet as Kristin states above, adoption is the humane option.

    There is, however an easy solution to your problem which you touched on. Keep it in your pants.