Monday, May 10, 2010

Abortion: 1.5 million per year

Abortion...this is the big one. I don't know about anyone else but when I glanced over the topics that we would be covering over the weeks abortion popped off the page. Abortion is a very touchy subject because I feel that everyone has an opinion on it and no one will be changed upon their opinion. But let us dive into the world of abortion and see what really is such a hot topic.
Roe vs. Wade was passed in 1973 was in the mist of the feminine movement. Because of that decision allow with birth control, the sexual revolution was launched. Let's get real. This is just as much of an issue about sex than it is abortion. Without sex(mostly pre-marital) then there is no abortion. Because of the sexual revolution, pre-marital sex grew and grew, and with it the issue of abortion. The decision to have a sexual relationship is an adult decision. Those people are acting like adults physically as well as mental. But that is where the problem comes in. These couples see abortion as an eraser to their mistakes. There is also a sense of embarrassment that wants to be avoided with this choice.
Which brings me to my next topic: the myth of choice. In the usual situation( a woman gets pregnant before marriage), there is little choice involved. In many situations the man will tell the woman that if she keeps the child he will not be there for her. She is afraid and sees no other way out. Is this really a righteous choice? Also, if the woman does decide to go through with her abortion the process is not over after the procedure. Some women die( 10 every year) and all women are severely affect physically by the procedure that is unnatural. There is also deep seeded emotional pain that follows for many women. It can be a process that scares women for the rest of their life.
But what are the other choices? Well, with almost every situation there are four choices: abort the child, get married (or keep the child as a single mother), and give the child up for adoption. Having said a good bit about abortion I will now focus on the other options. There is always the option of getting married. Awhile ago these "shotgun weddings" were more popular but as times have changed the numbers have declined. Some may argue that they are not in the right position to get married. I would say that drastic times provoke desperate situations. You cannot have your cake and eat it too. And with the divorce rate fluttering around 50% you might as well take your chances. But there is the last option that is largely overlooked. In our culture today we honor the single mothers that work three jobs for her kids. But, it has been shown that kids raised in a single parent home are not as likely to succeed in life. Although her effort is valuable, it is very hard to balance being sole provider and have time to be fully loving mother. On the other hand, adoption is seen as "giving up" in a way. But the truth is that there is sooo many people that long for a child and cannot have one. People are willing to pay tens of thousands of dollars for adopted Chinese girls, so the need is there. In reading through other people's blog I saw people arguing that it would be harder to birth the child, hold it, and give it away than terminate it before it breathes its first breathe. I would say to them that the parent's job is to do what is best for their child. Although it may be extremely hard, a good parent wants what's best for their child; even if that means giving them up. I have many friends that are adopted and they have the utmost amount of respect for their birth mother who was strong enough to give them away.
Finally I want to finish this overly long blog focusing about the child( or the fetus if you must). If it is anyone whose "choice" is not being heard it is them. There is much debate about technicalities and definitions but there are certain things that cannot be ignored. That child IS NOT a part of the mother. It has its own brain, it's own heart and its own DNA. Although some may argue it is not fully human because it is a "clump of cells" but those clumps of cells could have been your child and your decision prevented that. Abortion stops a beating heart, even when they are in the 1st trimester. Lastly, take a look at these pictures of aborted babies that were legally aborted and you be the judge how much the resemble a human being: something of great value.


  1. I agree with Davis completely in his blog. Every person has their own opinion on abortion and there is little that can be done to alter that opinion. The increase in the number of abortions is a direct result from the “sexual revolution”. Abortion is being used as a sort of get-out-of-jail-free card by many couples who are unwilling to accept the consequences of unprotected sex. Many people look at abortion as the easy, unemotional way out but according to Davis, it is anything but. Abortion carries along with it both physical and emotional side effects that can have a life-long impact on a person’s life. As Davis points out there are better options than abortion and I agree with him when he says that the baby is its own person no matter how far along.

  2. Brittany Liebenow

    10 May 2010

    I agree with the idea that marriage is the best option in situations in which a woman gets pregnant, but I believe that Davis's assertion needs to be qualified. In situations in which two people both consensually decided to have sex and the woman gets pregnant marriage is the best option. Abortion, as Davis argues, should not be used as a magic eraser or a more drastic form of birth control. I completely agree with that, but getting rid of abortion completely addresses more people than just those types. Women who are raped are not in any way being careless or immoral. While I do agree that people who choose to make immoral and foolish decisions should have to pay the price and get married, I do not believe that we should get rid of abortion for that reason. The bottom line is that there are other cases to consider, so I qualify that marriage is the better option over abortion in situations involving consensual sex.

    I do not agree, however, with Davis's statement that a child is not part of a mother. While this may sound like an ad hominem argument, as Davis is a man I can understand how he could make such a bold statement. For nine months a baby is part of a mother, and the mother should have power over decisions regarding her own body and her own parts. Men like Davis, who do not have to go through the pregnancy and birthing processes, should not make those decisions. Women should.

    I would like to now state that I have nothing against Davis, just his arguments. All of my statements that may seem personally insulting are not directed at Davis, just his arguments and foundations.