Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Last One

This is the last blog of the year. With it comes a time to reflect and ponder all that has happened over the last year.
Junior year, Junior year...where to begin. How about the BEGINning. Coming into this year I didn't really know what to think. I was not one of those kids that came to JC hating their old school. I liked Northview and the friends that I left behind. Walking in on that first day was kind of weird. I was unsure of myself along with being completely lost. It did not help that the map we were given was wrong AND the homeroom s were all changed at the last minute AND there was more kid than chairs. But that is just what you have to go through as a first year school. Although there have been some rough patches in getting the school started, overall I think the administrators have done a great job.
Now let's talk about the school work. early in the spring semester of my sophomore year I was beginning to put my schedule together and figure out which AP's to take. As I learned more and more I began to dread the upcoming year more than anything. I had heard before that junior year was the hardest year of high school and they are absolutely right. Sophomores beware, it is more terrible than you can ever believe. As I came into the school year I didn't know what to think about AP Lang, I knew AP US was going to be hard and all my other classes should be fine. Now at the end of the year I can see that Honors PreCalc was the most dreadful hour of my life and both my AP's were much more enjoyable than I would have believed. As a sophomore I had decided that I didn't want to take more than two AP's. Looking back it feels like I went through three of them. The only other class I was considering taking was AP Physics. I'm happy with the classes I chose but I feel that I would have been able to handle taking AP Physics. Anyways, the difference between sophomore year and junior year is so great when it comes to effort required. I can only remember a few times when I did any significant work on the weekends sophomore year. As a junior, I remember MOST weekends with tons of work to do, just to barely stay above water in all of my classes.
As I look back on this year I see much hard work and much great memories. It was definitely a good time. Coming to a new school was risky but I have loved meeting and becoming friends with new people. With only one more week left I cannot recall a time where I wanted to get to summer more. But I also can't wait to be a senior and enjoy all the benefits of being at the top. "It is finished."

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