Sunday, May 16, 2010

Its Overrrrr

What a year.

This year has been the fastest year of my entire life. I know everyone always says “whoa I can’t believe how fast this year went,” but this year was legitimately the fastest year ever. I feel like it was just last week when I walked into Mr. Glenn’s first period class skeptical of whether or not I had made the right decision to come to a school of unknowns. I scanned the room looking for familiar faces. The majority of kids I had known from either Middle School or Chattahoochee, but there were some new faces that I wanted to get to know. Some turned out to be my good friends, others simply new acquaintances. The day continued in a similar fashion. Everyone was quiet that day, as they did not know what to expect from new teachers as well as new students. I remember entering my AP Statistics class for the first time…

I entered the classroom with Jay not knowing what to expect. I did a quick look-around to see where I wanted to sit, but I didn’t really see anyone that I knew well, so I picked a seat next to an unsuspecting Asian kid, who turned out to be the stud writer and multiple- choice- answerer we all know as Nick. As it turns out, Nick and I had language arts and stat together, so I decided to take a seat. That period took forever. I remember also watching my current girlfriend of seven months check out Zan Draney. She insists that she didn’t but I saw it with my own two eyes. At first I thought she was into that type…turns out she isn’t at all. Funny the way it is…

As the year went on, names and reputations started to attach themselves with faces. I now knew who was who at these other schools and I was getting to know a lot of new people. New groups of friends were developing out of old groups. People were finding themselves. The few who did not find anyone to get along with wound up back at the original hell-holes—Chattahoochee and Northview. The rest of us grew closer and closer and became good friends. One of the best parts of coming to Johns Creek was reuniting with my middle school friends. Chase, along with others, and I have become better friends now than we ever were in middle school. Everyone seemed to just pick up where they left off at eighth grade graduation. It was really cool to see some of their reactions to seeing me, too, because I was so short in Middle School. I had the reputation of being “little Robert” throughout middle school, so it was satisfying to be bigger and stronger than all of those who used to call me small. What now people.

Junior year was full of many unexpected bonuses, many the result of the environment at Johns Creek. At my previous school, roles were already established. Basketball players only played basketball. Student Council was established and in stone. People did not venture off into new activities. At Johns Creek, I was able to be a co-captain on the basketball team, I was on the lacrosse team, I was on the student council, and I was on National Honors Society and BETA club. Many of those things I would have NEVER done at Chattahoochee, especially lacrosse. Moreover, I was able to step up to become student council treasurer and National Honors Society Parliamentarian for next year. All of this would have NEVER happened if I was still at Chattahoochee. I would still just be a single dimensioned basketball player.

I would like to personally thank all of Johns Creek for giving me the opportunity to explore these new things. Johns Creek has given me the opportunities as well as the motivation and inspiration to embrace these opportunities. I am a converted Gladiator, and am proud of it.

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