Sunday, May 9, 2010

Aboriton in Rainbow

As much as I’m slowly beginning not to think all children are yucky and sticky with little hands and drool on their faces, I’m still for having legal abortion. It’s a hard thing to say because I don’t exactly advocate aborting a child, but I believe the repercussions of what might happen otherwise beckon us all to keep abortion legalized, and just hope it’s used as a last resort for a minimum amount of cases.

As long as the abortion occurs within the first trimester, I think it’s alright. When you’re seventeen or eighteen you can go to any pharmacy and get a pill within the first few days after the supposed conception anyway. In all honesty, if it’s that easy to handle the situation before it even begins, I don’t understand why abortion rates are so high. If a woman thinks there is any chance she is pregnant and there’s no possibility she wants the baby she should just go ahead and get that pill. It’s a $50 easy way out compared to a $300+ heartbreaking decision that will be tougher later on. That is one thing relating to abortion that I just don’t understand.

Telling teenagers and adults not to have sex is never going to work. As hard as it is to accept that, it’s completely true. About 2/3 of highschoolers have had sexual intercourse by the time they have graduated. About 98% of these kids are using some form of protection, but I’m sure we all have been told enough to know that this does not always work. All we can tell people is to be as careful as possible, and if they notice a broken condom or even just get an eerie feeling, take care of it as soon as possible.

As for adoption, this may not always be the best solution for the child. People that would be irresponsible with an unwanted child are likely to be irresponsible with how they take care of themselves, even with a baby on the way. This is why I think that if a person who is considering terminating a pregnancy thinks she can change her lifestyle for 9 months, she should have the baby and give it up for adoption. However, if this woman is irresponsible to begin with and can’t give up her coke habit or nightly martinis to save a child’s life, I wholeheartedly agree with her having an abortion.

When a woman or a girl gets an abortion I feel like she should have to notify the father and her parents. I don’t think either party should be able to prevent her from the abortion, but they absolutely must know. If they can convince her to change her mind, then great, but it’s her choice and she must be allowed to make that choice.

I hate the idea of federal funds paying for abortion. As of right now, due to the Hyde amendment, the only way to get money for an abortion is if the baby is the product of rape, incest, or may be detrimental to the mother’s health. However, this is an amendment that must be passed every year so this could change. Hopefully it never will, but there is always the possibility.


  1. I would say I agree with most if not all of what Julia wrote. I agree that it is the responsibility of the people to prevent issues such as having to deal with an abortion by catching pregnancy early and preventing it (or however it is done). The thing that I liked about this entry is that it stood away from pathos driven arguments.

  2. I agree with pretty much everything Julia wrote in her blog entry. I agree that as long as abortion occurs within the first trimester it’s alright. I also don’t understand why contraception is not used more. It’s probably because there are some schools that teach abstinence only sex education, so some people have absolutely no knowledge of emergency contraception. That still doesn’t explain why, if someone was genuinely concerned that they were pregnant, they wouldn’t look up emergency contraception online or read about it in a reference book. I believe that if this was more widely accepted or talked about, there would be a lower abortion rate and less people would have to make the most heartbreaking decision of their life. I believe that if a woman has to strongly consider getting an abortion, the world may be better off if they just do it. If a woman is seriously considering that option, it probably means that they would not turn out to be very good parents due to a lack of love for their child or they wouldn’t have the control to take better care of themselves for nine months, as Julia states. Also, if abortion was illegal, there would be a sharp increase of adoptions, and eventually there would be a limited number of loving foster families for children to live with.