Monday, May 17, 2010

junior year

After going through another school year in my life, I would consider my junior year as a mostly successful one. In my decision to come to Johns Creek High School from Chattahoochee, I had many friends from both Northview and Chattahoochee that were going to the new school so I figured that I would take a chance at a fresh start and migrate somewhere else. I am not going to lie to you after the first couple weeks I was regretting my decision of coming to Johns Creek and even thinking about going back to Chattahoochee. There was no school spirit at all because of the lack of tradition. Also, the freshman and sophomores severely outnumbered the number classman by a ratio of around three to one. However, as traditions started to develop and the school year went on, I settled in and started to begin to like Johns Creek better than Chattahoochee. It feels like as an upperclassman at a new school, you have more freedom and power because the faculty wants you to make new traditions and show the younger classman how high school should be.

Football season was alright for the first year. We finished 6-4 although we did not play a region schedule. We played seven varsity teams and three junior varsity teams. It was not a bad start to the football tradition and Johns Creek High School however if we want to compete in a region schedule next year and win games, we are going to have to work I extremely hard in the weight room this summer and on our speed. I am looking forward to next year’s football season because it is going to be the last year of playing football in my life as of right now. I plan to make an all region team whether it be first team or second team at wide receiver.

Baseball was extremely solid for the first season. We beat many 5-aaaaa teams and finished the season with a winning record by seven or eight games. Many people thought that our record was not going to be good for a first year school but our freshman class stepped it up and contributed to our success. I think that we will definitely make playoffs next year and I plan to make it deep into the playoffs. The baseball team will definitely be the best sports team in the school next season in my opinion. A lot of talent lies in that rising sophomore class and a couple of experienced rising seniors such as myself will lead the way into the playoff race.

As for colleges, I hope to raise my SAT score ten points to make it a 1300 and then I am going to apply to Georgia and Georgia Tech so that hopefully I will get into one of those schools. I would love to go to the University of Georgia because I think the college experience as a whole would be the best and most affordable than any other college. Well, so long Mr. Glenn and I hope you are successful in whatever you choose to do after your teaching career comes to end.

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  1. I totally understand where Jay's coming from when he says that he had doubts about the school in the first weeks. I was really starting to think that I made a terrible mistake coming to this school. It's a good thing that both Jay and I did not abandon ship because, although the waters were not always calm, things definitely settled down after the storm. I'm pretty sure we'll be able to find land as well. Jay, I am positive that you can dock at UGA or Georgia Tech.

    Also, I am not going to lie to you, Jay. I really can't add much to the conversation when it comes to baseball and football. However, I've also heard that the underclassmen at our school are really good, so I'm looking forward to seeing the team progress.

    Finally, I guess we have to drop Glenn off somewhere (or perhaps he's abandoning ship right now. Who knows?) Either way, I bid you Godspeed, Glenn.