Monday, May 17, 2010

Re: Robert's Overholt

Robert I would have to agree with you. This year has felt like that fastest year ever, and definitely the fastest semester this spring. I also remember walking into the room not knowing really what to think of the school, the people, the teachers, or my new classes. It was all new and ready to be discovered. This year I also have enjoyed watching everyone come closer together. Whether it be old friends from middle school, high school, or new friends everyone has come together. I especially agree with Robert with the unique situation that John's Creek offers. As upperclassmen, basically anything we want to do is open to us. Just the other day I walked into senior class council not knowing what I might get into and left a part of it. I think many people don't realize how many opportunities are truly open to them; just waiting to be taken up. It is a truly unique situation we have.

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