Sunday, May 16, 2010

05.16.10 Last Entry

This is the last blog entry for the AP lang class! First of all I am so happy to be writing the LAST entry, since I had to stress out every Sunday night, after having a busy weekend, in order to write on the blog. But I do think writing a blog entry every weekend helped me write faster and longer essays. In order to write quickly so I could go to bed, I learned how to change short simple sentences into complex wordy sentences. I still have a long way to go for writing, thou...
I do not remember whether if I am supposed to write about the overall junior year or just this class, so I will write about the broader topic. Everyone gasped when they heard that I am a junior; they would look at me with a look of sympathy. “The hardest year of high school, huh?” What stressed me the most was that: people telling me over and over about how stressed out I should be as a junior. No I did not lack sleep or have hard time with every class. Maybe that is because I did not work hard enough, but to me the junior year was no different than my sophomore year. Unlike other people, I did not stress out about my grades and activities. I know I will regret sometime for not giving my best on the most important year of high school, but too bad it is already over. Beginning of the year I was going to give my best effort and give my best tries; I know that did not happen. I feel like I should have worked harder and once again, I decided to work harder next year.
I was very nervous to be attending a new school, since nothing is known about the school; it was like an adventure in some aspect. I think I made a good decision. I had to be in a new school anyway since I moved from Iowa, so coming to a brand new school was a good choice. Since it was a new school and not many people knew each other, it was easier for me to make friends and get used to the school. The teachers were mostly nice, and thankfully none of my teachers were the mainly complained teachers of the school. My classes were not the most difficult subjects and I did not have trouble with the location of my locker. I did have some trouble with my schedule but everything else went fine for me. Looking back, this year was not a bad year after all. I think my positive thinking is showing off here again.
Now I am going to be a senior! For me senior year will be harder since I am taking many more challenging classes compared to this year. I will also be busy writing college applications and I will be able to see which colleges I can get into. I am nervous for next year but I am ready to do whatever I have to in order to make it the best year of high school :)

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