Sunday, May 9, 2010

I really never had any side or even though of taking any sides on this abortion issue. I even try to avoid having to debate about abortion in debate. My problem with the debate about abortion is that there are no good arguments that could be made on either sides of the debate. It seems that every single argument that could be made on this issue could only be backed by pathos and nothing else. For example no one really knows when a fetus becomes “with life” or desire life (of course you can argue this issue all you want and think you are right, but really, science AND God might beg the differ). Also no one really knows how to evaluate this whole “oh maybe she was raped and the baby is bad” against “but the baby is still a life” stuff. And of course, no one could get away with saying “Well we need to look at this issue objectively” without being called a Nazi (or some sort of nihilistic figure). For example, those who try to look at the abortion issue with objectivity, i.e look at the economics or societal effects of abortion, are all met with statements such as “you don’t care about the babies?!?!” or “you don’t care about freedom?!?!”. This distancing from objectivity makes a devastating toll on the argument quality in the debate about abortion. Instead of weighing stuff that people could actually compare, we are weighing arbitrary constructions (such as our artificially created bright line on what constitutes life, liberty, murder, and freedom). This is also what distances me from this debate; simply because there is nothing intelligent to say and if there were intelligent things to say then those things would be dismissed as a form of dehumanizing either the baby or the person.
However, since this is a blog post and I do have to pick a side in order to get credit, I guess I could come up with a conditional advocacy. So I think that the right to abort a pregnancy could be practiced if and only if there is proof that the pregnancy was forced upon the woman. I guess it is fair to say that most abortions happen because the parent does not want the responsibility of taking care of the child or the parent does not want a child yet. Therefore it seems fair for women who were raped to have an abortion because they did not choose to become pregnant. It also seems good to not waste anytime with those who are aware of the consequences of their actions and still get pregnant. And also there are advocates to this position and they say stuff like how babies born without a father will live a bad life, how it deters un-protected sex, etc. Although these might be good points, but they are also points that people get really angry over so I won’t be capitalizing on those. Look this is as in-depth as I want to go on this issue of abortion. I am not a woman, I would never claim to understand how they feel about this issue if it was forced upon them; therefore, I really shouldn’t have an opinion on this matter.

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