Sunday, May 2, 2010

Capital Punishment

Capital punishment, otherwise known at the death penalty, is a serious issue that has caused several debates. Is it morally just? Do we have the right to kill people even if they did something unforgivable? How can we end a life? These are all questions that have been brought up in the debates. Crimes that can lead to the death penalty are called capital crimes or capital offences. Capital punishment has been practiced in almost every society, however, today, there are only fifty-eight nations that actively practice capital punishment. Whether the decision to be for or opposed to capital punishment is religious or political, there are still several aspects that should be considered.

At first, I was against the death penalty, but as I thought more and more about it, I find that I am for the death penalty. Initially, I thought that we should not kill people, no matter what they did. I felt that there were other ways of punishing the people who commit horrible crimes. Now, I am realizing that if someone in my family or if one of my close friends was murdered, then I would want that person who killed my family to be dead. In a way, it is an eye for an eye type of situation. I do not understand why people think that capital punishment is unusual punishment. For several centuries now, people have been put to death for their crimes. It is not unusual at all. Everyone dies anyway, so what’s the point. Besides, what is the use of having the criminals stay in prison for life? That is taking up space, and we need more room for the criminals that actually have a chance to get out of prison. Also, if one is going to kill a person, then they should fully expect to have a punishment equal to the crime.

Yes, it is argued that capital punishment denies humans their rights to life. I agree somewhat, but I mostly believe that they violated their right by killing an innocent person, or doing something just as bad, without cause. Also, to the family of the victim, capital punishment is their way of obtaining justice. While some people argue, “what if they were proven innocent?” Sure, that is not a good thing. The person died for no reason. I think that there should be a time limit on cases like this. Maybe the execution could wait a year, and then, if there is no new evidence regarding the change of the verdict, then everything should continue on as it was intended to go on. Some people claim that the only reason capital punishment is used is because of the cost. It is more expensive to keep someone in jail for life than it is to have a person executed. Personally, that’s a dumb reason to have someone killed. It is almost as if the government is saying, “Oh, well, lets kill you because I do not have the money to keep you in a jail.” That, I think, is cruel and unusual.

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  1. Callie,
    I agree that giving people the death penalty because it's cheaper than a life sentence is malicious. However, I don't agree that it should be an option. If, hypothetically, your close friend were to be murdered, then their died, as sad as that maybe nothing will ever bring them back again in this lifetime at least not in the way you knew them. Their death is something you'd have to deal with personally. Killing the murderer of your friend wouldn't bring your friend back to life and it probably wouldn't make you feel any happier. Besides that what person really has the right to judge wether someone is worthy of living? Every human being isn't perfect and no one is normal. If punishment is what you want for the murderer of your friend then let that person live. The mind is a force all on its own and the mind of a killer is surely one messed up mind. By allowing the murderer to survive in jail you're condoning a life of endless mental instability. If you kill them they don't suffer nearly as long as they could have if they survived.