Sunday, May 9, 2010


Abortion is a very controversial issue that has been debated back since the Roe vs. Wade case back in 1973. People who abort there babies make a very tough decision: to end or to save someone’s life. Abortion should only be legal under certain circumstances. If a person gets raped and it was not there decision to have a baby then they should have the choice on whether to have the baby or not. However, I do side with the people who say that if someone gets raped and does not want to keep the baby, then to have the baby and put it up for adoption. However, that would still be a very painful process for the lady which is why the issue is so controversial. I do agree with the fact that abortion is not a black and white issue. However, ending a child’s life in a female after that child has already been in the mother’s stomach for a certain number of days should be illegal because if a heart is beating, than in my opinion ending a life after that event has occurred should legally be considered murder. People really should not be able to play the roll of God because that just throws of the natural selection pattern which could turn out to hurt our society one day without us knowing it. What if one of the babies that are killed is the man or woman to cure cancer? We will never know if we have killed the once in a lifetime human that eventually does cure cancer. This is not the point. The point is that abortion should only be legal under very strict circumstances. People should not be able to abort a baby after a certain amount of days simply because they do not want to have it any more. They should be given up to fifteen days to make a decision if they are going to have the baby or not because it is said that the baby’s heart starts beating 18 to 25 days after a female becomes pregnant. As a strong believer of abortion being considered a type of murder, I find that the number of abortions that take place in a year in the United States being the number one case of murder in America. It is significantly higher than any other type of murder. These abortion cases need to be lowered by a large number because they are killing out future generations of humans. If a woman does not want to keep a child, than they should put the child up for adoption as a last resort. However, I strongly recommend to the woman that they give their thought of putting a baby up for adoption a second opinion because they might want to know what there first child would have been like a couple years down the road. It is a very tough decision to make to have an abortion. Some woman turn depressed after they abort there babies because they wanted to know what the child would have been like. My recommendation is not to have an abortion and to give the child a chance of life.

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