Sunday, May 2, 2010

We Should Kill Them

Capital Punishment is a known practice by almost everyone in our society and the known world. The name Capital Punishment is just a fancy name for execution. Executions have been around all the way back to the beginning of history when man first began to write things down. Back in history, people were executed for little crimes and in some cases they were executed because the local lord or monarch just didn’t like them. Capital Punishment is just a modern use of executions. America’s federal government leaves the power to execute prisoners to the state governments. Each state decides if it will practice the use of Capital Punishment. Naturally, certain states have decided to use it and some have not. Georgia itself is one of the few states that have decided to execute prisoners under Capital Punishment.

I think the use of Capital Punishment is understandable. The known phrase used in justice, “An eye for an eye” dates back to medieval times. This idea can be used today to validate the use of executions. If a killer kills dozens of people, the victim’s families can feel some worth of consolidation when they see the killer losing his life. America does not throw around the use of Capital Punishment on defendants. There are limits and only certain crimes have been labeled crimes where Capital Punishment can be used in sentencing. Violent criminals are set free sometimes on parole. Is this necessarily fair for the families that have suffered due to the criminal?

Some people say that people who are executed should have received a life sentence instead. I believe that this in fact would affect society negatively unknowingly. Citizen’s tax money goes into the federal government, which uses some of the tax money to run prisons. SO instead of paying to keep a prisoner for a certain time then executing him, society has to pay to keep the prisoner alive for decades not knowing when he or she will die and not need the tax money anymore. These defendants obviously affected their communities drastically to receive either a life sentence or Capital Punishment. Shouldn’t society be free from his or her destruction once and for all when he or she is found guilty?

The main argument against Capital Punishment is using rare cases where defendents being found innocent after being executed. No one can deny that these events are horrible but they are extremely rare. Accidents do occur; it is what makes us human. Most cases where defendants are sentenced to death, the use of DNA evidence are used. DNA can not lie and if it makes the defendant guilty, he or she will not be found innocent. If the government wants to reform the use of Capital Punishment, they could make new rules such as it only being used in cases where DNA evidence confirms the defendants guilt. This could limit or nearly eliminate any chance the defendant is innocent and wrongly found guilty.

So as you can see, I support the use of Capital Punishment. If it is so horrible, people should follow the law and eliminates its use due to it not being needed; not eliminate it because we do not want to use it. The use of Capital Punishment itself is a touchy subject, but there are more positives that I can see on the side of supporting the use while having a few valid negatives.

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