Sunday, May 16, 2010

Junior Year

Overall, my junior year was decent. There were times where I loved it and times where I woke up dreading it. As of right now, I am over school, over the people, and over the stupid, petty drama that consumes the hallways. Honestly, people need to grow up. We are not in middle school anymore. All of us are sixteen, seventeen, or even eighteen. Next year we will be seniors, then college. Are you seriously just going to act the same way? What ever happened to being mature? I know that I am not always mature, but I still do not go around purposely trying to put others down.

Everything seemed to start crumbling around two weeks before Thanksgiving break. This was the time where I learned who my REAL friends were. I am sick and tired of the backstabbing hypocrites that believe that they are better or smarter than everyone else. Seriously? Get over it. Thankfully, things have turned around for me and things are getting better. Anyways, I have gotten closer to my friends that I had left behind at Northview, as well as the new people that I got to meet this year. I love the fact that I was able to meet new people and still keep my old friends. I have drifted from some of my friends at Northview, but it is their fault too. I guess I just have to try even harder this summer to reconnect with them.

Overall, I am so happy with my decision to switch over from Northview to Johns Creek. At Johns Creek, the administration is so much friendlier than the administration at Northview. Everything was more relaxed and the teachers were so much better. The only issue is that my grades were lower than any other year. First semester kicked my butt, but second semester, I buckled down and studied. All my grades were sufficiently better this semester; I am so close to having straight A’s. This was the first year that I really struggled to keep my academic life alive. I am glad that I learned what study skills to use in order for me to actually learn the material.

When I first came to the school, I felt like I had traveled back in time to middle school. It was so strange when I had classes with kids from Autrey Mill. It was surprising how some kids stayed the same while others changed completely. I also enjoyed how the kids from Northview interacted with the Chattahoochee kids. At first, Johns Creek did not feel like a school; the rivals still existed. Eventually, everyone got passed that and started to bond. Now, I actually feel like Johns Creek is a school, not just a holding ground for the high schoolers. Senior year is going to be great next year since the school spirit will actually exist.

The year is winding down, summer is almost here, my friends from college are home, and my neighborhood pool is open. I want this year to end so badly. I need summer right now. I need to spend a day to sleep in, go to the pool, and do some pilates. All junior year has accomplished is that it made me realize how ready for college I am. I am seriously debating on if I should graduate early. I just need to get of high school, but I have a feeling that I should just stick with my senior year.

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