Sunday, May 9, 2010


Abortion, abortion, abortion. Where to begin about abortion? I have been waiting to write this blog since the week we got this paper. Why? You might ask. Well, because personally I have some very strong opinions about the topic of abortion. To me, it is a touchy subject because most people I talk to about it are harshly opposed to the idea, while I am one hundred percent pro choice. However, I have heard some very good points against abortion. One very convincing argument I have encountered was that somewhere in the past, or possibly future, a baby that was never born could have found the cure to cancer. It is not always cancer. Sometimes other diseases fill that place in the statement: AIDS, HIV, herpes, etc. While that discussion is a very good point, I still remain solid on my side of the wall. I completely believe that women should have the choice to abort their unborn child or not. Think about it. What if you were walking down a dark alley in downtown Atlanta and some man grabs you and violently rapes you? A few weeks later you find out you are pregnant. Would you keep the baby? It would be a constant reminder everyday for the rest of your life of that one night when you were violated against your will. I do understand that adoption is a different option instead of abortion but even then, you are carrying around the child of your predator for a full nine months. In my opinion, I think giving the baby up for adoption after seeing its beautiful face would be much, much harder than ending it before it started. My view point may seem harsh and cold hearted but in reality you have to do what is best for yourself not other people. Another possible situation that may lead to the consideration of abortion would be getting pregnant at a very early age or possibly being in a bad time in your life. At the age of sixteen years old, no girl is ready, mentally, emotionally, or physically, to have a child. Personally, I make about two hundred dollars a month. Babies on average cost about six hundred a month. If you are underage or just plain under paid, you are not in the right situation to raise a child. You could possibly be hurting them by going through with the birth because you are bringing them in to a world of unfortunate circumstances. It would be better to go through with the abortion and then later on down the road when you are more successful you can have a child and be prepared and give the child the life it deserves. Also, in Freakonomics, the authors note that the decrease in crime in the nineties is directly related to the legalization of abortion in 1973 with the Roe v. Wade case. When abortion became legal, children were not born into less fortunate areas with little money and therefore were less likely to become involved with drugs and crime.

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  1. Madelyn,
    Right off the back I want to say that I love the movie Knocked Up and if that's where you got the title for your blog from I applaud you. Second, I think that it's awesome that you agree with being pro-choice. You seem to really care about the decisions of others and how they need to make sure they raise children only if they know they can. I also like your use of the positive effects from Roe vs. Wade and your understanding of other people's arguments.