Sunday, March 21, 2010

03.22.10 Poverty and Philanthropy

Poverty is one of the most important parts of the philanthropist’s worries. Philanthropy is defined as loving human and is similar to words such as donation and charity. As the poverty rate of our nation is increasing, the need for the philanthropists increases also. More and more people are loosing homes and are starving, but most of these people stared at with a look of pity or even disgust. Rather or not people believe themselves to be a philanthropist or not, people seem to have a will to help the people poorer than themselves. But when the health care bill was passed today, some people complain about how much more tax they will have to pay. So many people who has not been getting a proper medical treatment due to the highly costs can now get some treatments cheaper, but some people seem to care more about their money being spent on some other people’s medical needs. When people were giving donations to Haiti, people seemed to all pity the people involved in the terrible disaster and showed how much they cared about those people for a reason that they are human beings just like us. But the poor people are in America are treated differently; some say they do not understand why they have to pay for the people who are sitting on the streets for not try hard and ignoring their opportunity.
First of all, I believe that not all homeless people are lazy, not trying kind of people. Poverty is not caused by the person’s laziness or dumbness; some people are born into the poor situation and are not given an opportunity to even get a proper education. Why would people pity the poor people in Africa and scorn at the poor people in our neighborhood streets? Following the idea of philanthropy, I think they should treat the two different kinds of poor people as the same and show the same amount of love towards them.
Secondly, we should give at least a small amount of what we have to the people starving to death. It is not a required action, but if we think of it in their situation, a small amount from us can be their month worth of food. If we ever end up in a situation like them, if people start to learn how to give to people in need, we would feel so thankful for the generosity of people. But not many people are into the whole donating money to the poor thing, and honestly I am not either. So the health care bill should be a way of helping the people in need unnoticeably for us. A little amount from each one of the people will be helping the people in need of insurance and medical treatments.
The idea of philanthropy should spread so the people will learn how to love each other rather than treating them as a different kind of people who they are not related to in any ways.

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  1. Sally,
    I agree with a lot of the ideas you put forth. I personally agree that poverty isn't always something that is caused by the person but rather something their sometimes born into. I also believe that the way people objectify poor people is wrong.
    I think you brought up a great point when you asked why is it that people are so willing to help the poverty stricken in Africa or Haiti when there are issues here. I am confused on this myself because in actuality there is poverty all over the world. Why is it that we emphasize certain places and certain people over others? Is it because they're a different race or ethnicity so we pity them? What makes poor Americans any different then poor people all over the world? I’ve heard from some that poor Americans have the ability to move past their poverty and that because other countries aren’t America the poor in those foreign countries don’t have the same opportunities. You said so yourself that the poor students aren’t always given the same education as middle class students are. I agree with that and I think that’s something that people over look as they “compartmentalize” the issues we have here. I think they ignore the truth or down play it because it helps them sleep at night.
    Yet, I disagree with the idea that the healthcare reform is a way for us to help those in need unnoticeably. I think the idea is to noticeably offer healthcare to all people; to ensure healthcare for those who other wise might be turned down. The reform is something for everyone not necessarily just for those in poverty.
    Also, you said that as people, “We should give at least a small amount of what we have to the people starving to death.” Personally I think that financial handouts are a terrible idea. I think that creating even the most mundane sort of work for people and paying them to clean up streets, parks, or highways is much better than just giving them a portion of our money. I think it’s honorable and kind that you want to help them but in all honesty I don’t think that giving them that kind help does any good. I support your ideas on giving them material things like blankets or food though. That would help keep them alive so they could do the work they need to, in order to earn the money. Just giving the poor people here money would most likely only encourage the stereotypes that are already a huge part of the issue.
    I love that you said all poor people should be treated the same but I think that an even better idea then treating all poor people the same is treating all people, no matter their social standing, the same.