Sunday, March 28, 2010

Public Education

Public education has been reformed and changed through our nation’s history. Brown V. Board of Education segregated the public schools allowing 9 young African Americans to enter a high school in Little Rock, Arkansas. A huge white mob grew outside of the school preventing them to enter. This struggle for something they do not like in public education is not alone the only struggle parents have had. Struggles have included books they do not like their children reading due to it being violent or violating their religious beliefs. Famous books such as the Harry Potter series have been banned from public school libraries due to it promoting sorcery and magic. Books about abortion have also been banned.

Public schools due unfortunately differ between schools ranging from up-scale schools to run-down schools in poorer areas. These schools that are located in poor areas get the same amount of money from the state governments as schools in richer areas. So why are certain schools in richer areas more successful in graduating more students and having higher-grade averages? The reason they are different is that schools in richer areas get more funds from parents who’s kids attend the school. This allows more funds to be spent on upgrades in the school. The schools in poor areas have parents who would love to help make their child’s school better but can afford to donate much money. Some member’s of poor societies kick and scream that the schools are unequal and more funds should be sent to the poorer schools. Is this right? Should more tax money be sent to schools that do not get as much parent donations as others? If one is not satisfied with the local school board, he or she can simply move to an area they can afford with better schools. The simple differences between regional schools can not really be stopped. The only real thing someone can do is live some where their child can have a successful chance in education. One county over from your county could have a better school system compared to your own but still have the same standard of living that you live in.

Which are really better, public or private schools? Going to private schools can help a parent’s child get a rigorous but rewarding education but there are public schools that have curriculums that require the same amount and type of work. Certain school systems have been rewarded for high testing scores and being very accomplished in making their students educationally successful such as Fulton County Schools. This school system provides their students a very excellent school curriculum with amazing teachers free of charge. Private schools provide excellent curriculums but parents have to pay for their child to attend it. Some private schools can actually be worse academically then certain public schools in certain counties. When a person needs to decide if they should attend private or public school, he or she can not simply say that one is better than the other. He or she needs to study the local reports for the public schools and private schools.

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