Sunday, March 14, 2010

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This three-day weekend seemed so promising but in reality it was actually really boring. This was probably due to the rain. That was probably the most annoying rain that’s ever rained. It would rain for 20 minutes and then stop for about an hour then rain for another 20 minutes and then stop for awhile. On Friday me and my friends wanted to play basketball so since it was raining we decided to go to East Roswell park where they have an indoor court and play their. Unfortunately when we go their we found out that the two gyms were occupied by a bunch of people who were setting up a bouquet show. How dumb is that? Why did they have to do it in the gym and why on earth did they have to take up both gyms?...for a bouquet show? I never did understand that park anyway. They have all of this random stuff going on their all of the time. Like yoga for pensioners, belly dancing for overweight, middle-age people, and even fencing. Yes…fencing. Now apparently they have bouquet shows too.

Anyway me and my friends ended up going to my neighborhood after it stopped raining to play on a nearby hoop. The game didn’t really work out though since by the time we got back it was only me and 3 of my friends remaining. All of the others upon seeing that the park was closed, decided to go home. Thanks guys. We managed to play 2 on 2 though. Then we went and got fat at Taco Bell.

On Saturday, we played basketball again. (yea I know, but don’t say you weren’t warned. I told it was a boring weekend). This time it was a lot more fun. We went to the Falls because of the bouquet show which I forgot to mention, was to be going on FOR THE ENTIRE WEEKEND….wow. Anyway it was a fun game since we actually got a substantial amount of people 4 on 4 to be exact. Then, like the day before, we finished off by going to get fat again. This time though, we chose Waffle House.

Sunday was the worst. I woke up really late, 2 o’clock to be precise, due to the time-change thing which proved to be incredibly annoying. My friends had told me to come and play soccer with them in the morning but I refused since I was too lazy. I just decided I would go play at Web Bridge like I do every Sunday. Unfortunately however, my mom picked today to go shopping and she left at about 1:30 so by the time I woke up she was gone and when I called her to ask when she would be back she said not until later. Great. The rest of my day involved staying at home doing nothing. I hated it.

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