Sunday, March 14, 2010

Something that really irks me is how people are so obsessed with bad things (and please don’t be assuming stuff). Anyway, this is apparent in our entertainment industry and what we rate as fun and what we rate as not fun. When we turn on the news, we see crisis after crisis and sometimes maybe some good news about someone surviving cancer then we dive back into stories about school shootings, murders, accidents, etc. It seems as though America has become addicted to disasters. Yes, this is related to Pronoviolence, but the distinction here is that while Pronoviolence is about people being addicted to killing, action, etc, I think people are addicted to a broader category: distress. That’s right, we love to see others suffer. There are a few ways to prove this point. There are more and more movies that are not just about killing but about people suffering emotionally and physically. Why do people like chick flicks, although this is still far beyond me, because they like seeing how the guy gets emotionally destroyed. They like seeing him suffer. “2012” is not a movie about two people killing others, it is about how the world population is suffering, we don’t go into the theater expecting to see mother nature’s wrath rip people to pieces rather we go there with the question of how these people would survive (which is essentially asking the question of how these people would suffer). Although the way I framed it this is a really bad thing, but to a certain extent suffering is a necessary thing for us to be entertained. Who would want to watch a movie about an average day? Of course there has got to be something that movies or game or any entertainment have to adopt in order to deviate from that and make something interesting. Unfortunately humans do not care about the happiness of others, hence we do not have movies about the perfect day of a man/woman. Though this assertion might sound really horrible, but it seems impossible. Not only because movies won’t sell if they do not have any sort of suffering in them, but also because humans just are not interested in normal. We are interested in action, difference, uniqueness. Suffering seems to be able to bring out these traits. It seems that we are inherently violent and cynical.
Well that rant did not last 500 words. Let’s move on to another rant. My week was really boring and I feel fat. I took the SAT yesterday. The math section was pretty easy. The grammar wasn’t too hard. The writing topic I can’t talk about (college board’s stupid rules). Reading was challenging. That is a normal break down of the SAT. Not interesting right? See, we are all violent. Since we are pretty much lauding incoherency in this class (with the reading of As I Lay Dying) I think it is appropriate to utilize this literary strategy. Right now I feel <(-.-)> and man I wish I could . I am a fish.

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