Sunday, March 14, 2010

Journal B
Robert Overholt

As I read As I Lay Dying, I feel like I am dying as I lay down and read it. The most action so far in the book occurred when Darl lit the farm on fire, and Faulkner didn’t even go into detail about it. The only person worth reading in the book is Addie, because she hates all of them as much as I do. I am not about to write a five hundred word journal entry about this brutal book. Next topic.
I am very curious about what is going on in Iraq. I have a feeling that something is going on that the public is unaware of. When elected, Obama was gung-ho about getting troops stationed in Iraq out as soon as possible. I do not understand why this has not happened yet. My hunch is that when Obama got into office, they filled him in with some details that required the troops to stay in Iraq for a longer period of time than he expected. I have done some research on my hunch and have found absolutely nothing. Maybe I’m wrong. It makes sense though…
In class this past week we did an activity in which we had to find a formula in math or physics that could explain a poem that we read. This exercise was somewhat entertaining. I chose a simple distance equals rate times time formula. I also described the character’s life as being a horizontal line function. I tried to be simple in my formulas, but some classmates chose the most random formulas in the world. Several people did the formula for the energy between two charged particles. Others did statistics formulas. I found this funny. I think everyone wanted to show off their math skills. I was impressed that Mr. Glenn remembered a lot of these formulas. He was whipping out random formulas and information about formulas that we were using. I was surprised because most of my past language arts teachers barely understand language arts, let alone physics and calculus. I probably shouldn’t say that about my past teachers. They are all very nice and successful people; they are just not necessarily the best language arts teachers. I am going to stop at that.
Obama wins. It looks like the healthcare bill is going to get passed after all. After all of the bought votes and hazy maneuvers the bill is going to get passed. I don’t think I want to be a doctor anymore. I’m not saying that I wanted to be a doctor for the money. I am just saying that I am not about to spend twelve years learning my study to make squat money. I am being entirely na├»ve in saying this because I don’t even know if doctor salaries are mentioned in the bill. I should not make assumptions before doing research. Bad me.
I still need twenty words. Is Darl ever going to know who Jewel’s father is? I have no idea how this plot is going to end. I don’t even know what the point of this story is. I thought the story was going to end when they got Addie into the ground. Boy was I wrong. I don’t know where Faulkner is going with this. If I were to ever see him in another life, I would hit him.

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