Sunday, March 14, 2010

Call me Mr. Facebook, I can make yo grades drop.

I am so sick of writing these journals. I have nothing to write about ever! Even when I have a fun weekend I still can not find anything to mention that is either worth sharing or that I want posted on a blog for the class, or the whole world, to see. I wish these did not have to be posted for everyone to read. I realize that I complain a lot. Not always out loud, but lately I have noticed that I have an opinion about everything and I often voice it. Most of my comments are complaints or sarcasm. I do not remember when I became so negative. I do not actually try to be I guess it is just the weight of stress from school and a certain person who shall remain nameless that just make me want to complain. Over summer I am always in a better mood so when I see someone in this class over summer they are going to be like “wow she seems nicer”. I think someone actually told me once that I was way different outside of school because I was a lot more talkative and did not look pissed off. I do not know why everyone always thinks I am pissed off. I am usually not which is the weird thing. I guess I just don’t care enough to act happy when I am tired in the morning. I am on facebook right now which is probably not the best idea. I can not focus on writing these journals and I am trying not to use contractions so that I can get more words… in case you have not noticed. I do that every week actually and it does help. I saw a facebook group the other day that was titled, “Call me mr. facebook, I can make yo grades drop”, like the song “bedrock”. I do not know if you have heard it Mr. Glenn but I thought it was a clever, and seemingly true, name for a group. These things usually only take me ten minutes to write both of them because the words just seem to flow out of my brain in to my hands but when I am distracted by face book or basically anything else they take me way longer. These two tonight have taken me over an hour which is really really sad. However, I only have one hundred words left to fill this entry. I wonder if you even read these or check how many words are in them. My last one was five hundred exactly which rarely happens. I always feel that at the end of my entries I have more to say than at the beginning and them I am bummed because I could have used it before! Like now I just typed sixty seven words with out even really thinking about it. It was effortless but when I am actually trying I can barely squeeze out more than ten or twenty at a time.

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