Monday, March 8, 2010


In an attempt to relinquish the crazy amount of work I will be doing this week, I have decided to do at least SOMETHING productive, because when I go back to school tomorrow it’ll be all RAH RAH RAH, or something of that nature. Anyway, I have decided that seafood and I just don’t mix well. Even the smell makes me sick, so the only seafood I would consume tends to be limited to crab and sushi. Not after today, ohhh no.
Anyway, I also learned today that I have a chance at going to college. My GPA is a little low because I used to get C’s (OH NO!) but apparently, APPARENTLY, as I learned today not only does Georgia tech add on a .5 for AP classes to your GPA, but you get to keep all the honors points as well. When I heard this I just kind of stared at the admissions woman and thought “YES I HAVE A CHANCE AT NOT BEING HOMELESS” and then, AND THEN she said not only do they super score SATs, but they convert your ACTs into SAT form and take the best from both tests. Do you know what that means? That if you took my first writing SAT and my ACT scores I would have an SAT of over 2200, however fake it was! Oh yes, my chances of getting into college are not so slim as my mother expected, so there!
Anyway, on a happier note, my favorite movie won 6 Oscars! I hung out with people watching it until 11:30 and then we finally went home, watched some more and then, due to all the obnoxious drunk guys making noise outside, FINALLY got to sleep.
I woke up and it wasn’t very cold.
Anyway, I had chic-fil-a for breakfast this morning and a monster and a coffee so I was all hyped up like whoaaaa…
Eh, getting a little bored of writing this, I should probably take a nap…
I have had SO much to eat the past few days, you don’t even know.
I have also slept on a different sofa every night since Friday. That’s THREE different sofas. I have enjoyed this a bit more that I should.
And still, over 100 words left to write. So, I guess I’ll do a bunch of AP Lang reading tonight, maybe ATTEMPT to comprehend physics, but hey, we all know how that goes… NOT VERY WELL.
I also learned today that a boy I know from Northview High School (and yes I did just type that out in order to use up more words) is going to Japan for 3 weeks due to being selected as one of the 200 greatest chemistry students of all time.
Now THAT is impressive.
I would love to have a 99 average in AP Chem, alas I do not.
Shaun White is on the cover of Rolling Stone this month.
I hope it’s a more interesting article than the one on John Mayer…

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