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Our Hope for the Future: Public Education

Brittany Liebenow

Public Education Entry

28 March 2010

Our Hope for the Future: Public Education

I believe in public education. I think it is a good idea to make education available to all students, and I agree with using tax dollars to fund education. Education is the way, in my opinion, to give people the opportunity to rise out of lower social classes and truly make the most of their abilities. Public education provides access for students who are at an economic disadvantage to a clear college and career path. I am aware, however, of the argument that areas with less money receive a poorer pubic education. I do not agree with that argument because of my experience at Johns Creek High School.

At our own Johns Creek High School, and at my sister’s Autrey Mill Middle School, there are children that take a bus from areas outside our school district to attend schools in our district. These students, who were not being offered a thriving school in their own district, were not only allowed to switch to a different public school, but they were also provided with public transport to attend this different public school. In my opinion, this is the way that public education should be handled. Schools should have an incentive to strive to be the very best they can be, and, if they are not supplying their students with the best education possible, the students should be able to transfer to a different public school.

I also recently read an article on CNN about President Obama’s new proposed No Child Left Behind policies. I agree completely with Obama’s planned overhaul of this policy. Essentially he plans to create a free-market-styled system in which schools are rewarded for achievements and excellent education. This, in my opinion, sets up a system in which school are, in so many words, forced to care even more about their students and their students’ achievements. Schools that are not providing our nation’s posterity with the best possible education are, in Obama’s plan, punished. I believe that, harsh as that plan may sound, it is the plan with the students’ best interest in mind. This plan will prevent schools that are in economically disadvantaged areas from falling behind. If the schools do fall behind, actions will be taken to keep the students’ education strong.

Obama’s overhaul plan also includes a $3 billion, and possibly $1 billion more, increase in federal funds for education. This proposal highlights another important opinion of mine regarding public education: more federal and state money should be put towards public education. I believe that public education should be the top of the federal and state budgets with even roads and sewers second. The reason that I am so adamant about that is that, more than any other public works projects or other financial help, education is the best way to bring people out of undesirable situations. Public education is one of the things that makes America the land of the free and the home of the brave; it allows people of all financial and ethnic backgrounds to succeed. Such an economically, and even culturally, significant portion of the American life should be funded to the fullest ability of the American government!

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  1. Brittany’s blog entry is filled with great points and detailed supporting facts. She makes her point very clear from the beginning and she builds from that as she writes. I completely agree with her when she says education is the way “to give people the opportunity to rise out of lower social classes”. It is not a person’s fault if they are born into a poor family and education provides them the opportunity to bring themselves out of their situation. Public education provides anyone who wishes to receive it the opportunity to gain the necessary knowledge to achieve almost anything in life. The government provides schools for students to attend and get an education. In the second paragraph, Brittany talks about students getting bused to our schools from outside areas. I experienced this when I was in middle school and I saw students get the opportunity to receive a great education when they might not have lived in the nicest area. Obama’s No Child Left Behind policy will increase federal funds for education and prevent disadvantaged schools from falling behind. I think that this is a great plan and a great start to improving schools. The children are the future and without an education, these children will not be able to become the best they can be.