Sunday, March 14, 2010

Technology vs Elizabeth

When you computer dies multiple times a day, your phone turns itself off whenever you close it despite the fact that it is fully charged and your camera seems to be reluctant to delete picture you know that you are literally having technical difficulties. Fortunately for me I have so many problems with technology that very few things come as a surprise. The fact that my brand new phone shuts off if you do anything to it that it does not like or the fact that Microsoft word is experiencing serious typing delays does not seem to be a real problem. I just fail to understand why some people get along wonderfully with technology perfectly fine and then there are the rest of us. Those who still firmly believe that fixing a slow computer is as simple as smacking it a couple of times, yelling a bit, and restarting it ; the few, the proud, the computer abusers. Yes. I will willingly admit that I am in that group. And it is not only my computer that seems to hate me. My friends beautiful new macbook insists on zooming in or out on the open page whenever I decide to touch the mouse pad. Good fun. It is great to know that the modern world of technology is out to get me. But! The one electronic device in my household that has not joined in the rebellion (yet-knock on wood) is the Amazon Kindle. Okay, I have heard all of the arguments for how the Kindle will ruin the true art of reading or how people can not stand to read unless they can hold a book in their hands but honestly, the goods outweigh the bad. I am an avid reader. I carry an average of six books with me whenever I go on vacation. I get yelled at by parents and airport security personal alike whenever they are forced to hoist my bag of books. So now I will be able to carry up to one thousand five hundred books around on a device approximately the size and weight of an average paperback novel. Yes, reading on the Kindle is not the same as reading from and actual book but the technology is extremely advanced and the screen looks like a legitimate book page and it is extraordinarily simple to “turn pages” and even annotate and highlight in the text. If you, by chance, are reading a work by William Faulkner it is as simple as scrolling over to the long complicated word that might not actually exist in any version of the diction to find the definition. If the automatic dictionary does not have the word simply look it up online- straight from the Kindle. Thus far I have had huge amounts of fun with it. If you are like me and need to have access to large numbers of books but do not want to haul a sack of dead weight around then the Kindle would be wonderful. Look in to it.

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