Sunday, March 14, 2010

Class Entry

And here we go! Another week, another set of journals. I will begin my time with you first by discussing this class that we like to call AP Language/ American Literature. I will be discussing, for the fact that I cannot figure something better out. For this class we have many different tests that must be taken. First of all we have the test actually for the class. For a usual language arts class there are some essay tests but mostly tests that are multiple choice and usually just about the plot. These tests are very simple and because of the vigor of such that is incorporated in an Advanced Placement( read college level) class that these tests do not happen. Instead we have tests that are given as test but are pretty much short essays. These essay might have to do somewhat with the book or topic that was covered in class but it also might not be very close to the topic. That is what I do not enjoy about these tests. That there is really nothing that you can do to study for them. There are all types of tests that you can study for but an essay with an unknown topic is not one of them. You can't even really study specific things to write about. Throughout the year you just kind of learn what your teacher wants to see in your essays and you write them that way. You write language arts essays different from history essay because there is a different purpose and a different kind of reader.
The next kind of test we take for this class is the Georgia High School Graduation Test. I think it is sad that we as a state has to has a test to prove if you are good enough to graduate. For language arts there is two tests that apply. There is the writing test and then there is the language arts test. The writing test I have already taken and I did very well but it's not that big of a deal because it's so easy. My cousin goes to a crappy school where they do not expect kids to pass the thing without help. To help them they take the whole week before the test and all they do in each of their classes is study for the specific test. Of all the graduation test, word on the street says that the science one is the only one that you could fail. I still do not think that this is happening to me though. If it did that would really suck. Maybe I should study for it...
Also, as a part of this class, we take the EOCT. I have no idea what it stands for and I do not care. I am just glad that we have one because that means that the final is going to be an easy grade instead of a hard final made up by a mean old teacher. 500

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