Sunday, March 14, 2010

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This week was a very interesting week and a very solid week considering that it was only a four day school week. However, this upcoming week should be very interesting as well because we have to take the Georgia High School Graduation Test. What if I am one of the people that fail this test and cannot graduate? I am not worried about this test at all; however I am just slightly annoyed because I have to take a math test tomorrow during the week of the test. Teachers are not supposed to give tests during the week of the Georgia High School Graduation Test which is why I am very grateful that Mr. Glenn has moved our AP Language Arts Test back to next Wednesday. Also, I would like to address how Mr. Glenn said he would come to at least one of our sporting events during a season. Considering you have not been to any baseball games so far, I am going to assume that you have been busy with Guys and Dolls for the first six games of our season and am going to let this one slide. However, we have started off with a record of five wins and only one loss, winning five straight games after losing our home opener. I think that you would enjoy your own AP language students not only succeed in the classroom (sometimes not really in your class), but also succeed in athletics. You could be thinking of the young gentlemen that not only have the skills to play sports, but also have the minds to read the challenging material that is required in order to succeed in an AP language arts class. Turning away from that subject, I think I need to get a lot better study habits. I am becoming too lazy I think because this school year is almost over. Maybe I am too excited for spring break in three weeks, however I really need to buckle down these last three months and finish out my junior year on a strong note. This summer may not be as fun as my previous two summers because I have to play summer baseball and apply to colleges. I probably also will have summer reading for AP Literature. I better start that summer reading early this year contrasting to last year when I read the Story of Edgar Sawtelle in about four days in the last week of summer. That book is probably one of the longest books that I have ever read, if not the longest. I need to space out my reading more to reduce my stress levels. It is unhealthy to be ridiculously stressed out all the time which is why getting things done on time or in advance really reduces the chance of being stressed out. I need to also start preparing for the AP Language Arts exam coming up in may so that I might be able to excuse a credit in college if I score a four or a five on the AP exam.

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