Sunday, March 14, 2010

I don't like Math

I really do not like math and physics-they just really are not my thing and we do not get along. My brain does not think like that. I am totally a verbal person so language arts, foreign language history are more of my thing. So with that being said I really did not like having to think about them when it was not necessary and on Thursday and Friday when I should not have to think about them I had to. We had to pick an equation from either math or physics and relate it to a poem that we had read that was very long and a tad bit difficult to get the jist of, but do not worry I worked through it. I really just picked a random equation that Mr. Glenn had put on the board because I did not feel like having to think of anything on my since I was not supposed to be having to think about that kind of stuff anyways. But I thought about it long enough to be able to do the assignment so I would not get a zero because no one wants a zero. I actually thought the assignment was kinda interesting because I had never really thought of poetry or stories being in the form of an equation, or that the two could even relate. The thing is though you could probably get anything to go with any equation- not literally everything but a lot of equations are going to be able to go with one poem/story. So even though it was harsh of Mr. Glenn to make us think of math and physics in language arts the experience was very enlightening, but we do not have to do it again, I did not like it that much. Sorry Mr. Glenn.

So we finished The Great Gatsby (I actually did not mind that book, nice and short) which is horrible because now we have to read As I Lay Dying all of the time. We do not get a break. I am just having a lot of trouble with this book, I feel like we have accomplished nothing by reading it. I know Mr. Glenn probably does not want to read another journal assignment about how bad this book is and how boring it is because he probably already knows that it is a really bad book. I mean it is kinda obvious that this book is boring. Just start reading it and see how long it takes before you are asleep, it might surprise you how little time that is. I am just waiting to see how The Great Gatsby and As I Lay Dying relate to eachother, and what this unit is really about. I just really hope we do not have to write an essay on these things because I am not opening As I Lay Dying again after we read that thing. Oh no sir. I am done. Forever.

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