Sunday, March 28, 2010

03.28.10 Public Education

Public education is the topic for this week’s journal. We are currently getting the public education provided by the government and paid by the taxes we pay. Imagine the world without the public education. Even with the public education giving them opportunity to learn, some people choose not to and instead, skip school thinking it is the coolest thing they can ever do. If there wasn’t a public education, the world would have been filled with illiterate people who can not even count their money. Some people might choose to go back to the old way of living; there would be more people farming than going to their work places. Then the time will flow backwards, and go back into the agricultural period. In my opinion, I believe that the public education is what helped the world become so advanced and fast growing in technology. In the countries with a weak or no public education, the peoples’ job is most likely to be something that produces things you need to live: foods, clothing materials, or animals.

There are some portions of people who believe that the public education is not equal for all the students depending on where they live. But I believe that is caused because of the students’ attitude. Each school tend to have a characteristics based on what the majority of the students are like. If the neighborhood around the school is filled with parents who care so much about education and grades, it is most likely that the school will have students who are willing to learn and to earn good grades. If the school has students who are only willing to enjoy their life and have fun, the school will have lower overall grade average. It is not the public education that is unfair; it is the mood of the school the students create that differs.

One issue that is also frequently discussed is the usefulness of the materials. Most stuff we learn in high school (or even in elementary school) does not seem very useful. But I believe that what we learn isn’t the point of the education; in process of learning random subjects that we might never use, we learn how to study. The studying skills we earn are the whole point of learning. The students will also learn the atmosphere of what studying would be like in college. But I can not disagree with the fact that some subjects are so frustrating and seem very unnecessary. I know it is for a good purpose, but I can’t stop disliking them.

Public education doesn’t exactly let everyone learn the same materials, since the amount of study they do is the students’ choice, but gives equal opportunity of education to every student. Without it, this country would have been filled with illiterate people and would have been left with illiterate culture. Over all my opinion on the public education is that it is fine. It has been well and it will continue to be fine if people understand and follow the purpose and goal of it.

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