Saturday, March 13, 2010


What can I say about Language Arts class? Well, there were three days and I’m not quite sure what happened during them. I know that we finished the Great Gatsby… yay? And ONE MORE SECTION LEFT OF AS I LAY DYING. If I weren’t reading Naked Lunch right now, I would classify As I Lay Dying as the worst book I’ve read in the past few months.
Naked Lunch, however, wins that infamous title. Why? Because what possible interest could I have in this subject matter?? I thought it was going to be all about heroin so I figured ‘alright, I’ll read it, it’ll be interesting and my friends will stop bugging me about it’. OH CONTRAIRE! It turns out, as a matter of fact, my friends happen to be complete psychopaths. It took me two weeks to finish the first 25 pages and I mean, it wasn’t absolutely terrible but now that I’ve finished that part, which was all about different ways to inject drugs into your bloodstream, this book is completely freaking me out.
I ended up texting my friend asking if I was even supposed to comprehend it and he replied “Oh no, that’s why you have to reread it!” Well let me state this: I will not be reading this book again anywhere in the near future. I actually went to Barnes and Noble today to buy a book to replace this disastrous one and since Burroughs happened to be right next to Bukowski I opened up another one of his novels and read a page. Guess what I learned today? I will not be reading another novel by this author EVER.
And you know what? This novel was made into a film in like the 1990’s or something. WHO ON EARTH WOULD DO THAT?! MARILYN MANSON?!?!?
I just finished reading the chapter in which three people are hanging each other.. and other stuff and that chapter was probably the worst of all.
But reading it is a little interesting because apparently it was referenced in all these other places (I looked it up to make sure because it freaked me out when a song came on and I was like “OMG THAT’S WHERE THEY ARE IN THE NOVEL). Anyway, three bands I like decently enough have songs named after different characters or places in the book…. It was funny because the Joy Division song “Interzone” came up on shuffle as I was reading that portion of the novel. That actually happens to me a lot…
Anyway, now that I’ve written about it, I have actually decided that As I Lay Dying IS the worst novel… or at least my least favorite I’ve read so far this year. Anyway, we should do more things with crayons in Lang class. I enjoy coloring.
I’m interested to see what we read or do next and I hope it’s not just reading essays in the Bedford. Not that that’s bad, it’s just reading novels is a whole lot more interesting- at least most of the time.

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