Saturday, March 20, 2010

Poverty and Philanthropy

So here we go. I actually just remembered that we had to write on something specific after I had already almost written a whole post on how wonderfully beautiful this day is. Poverty and Philanthropy is the subject of this week’s post. Poverty is bad, we all know that, but it is unavoidable. There will always be poverty whether we like it or not because of the different social classes and how the wealth is distributed. Of course no one wants to be the one stuck in this situation, and people try to get out of it by working, or moving, or whatever. It is why many people came to America, to have the American dream and make profitable lives for themselves. While poverty is unavoidable, it is also everywhere. Every city contains some population of homeless, poorly paid people who are barely surviving or able to provide. These situations are extremely sad because not all of the time is it the person’s fault that they live like this, but sometimes it is because of bad decisions. Even just going into downtown Atlanta 30 min. away the poverty is overwhelming. Atlanta is one of the top cities for the amount of homeless children, along with being the top city for the amount of sex trafficking and slavery in the world. With this being right down the rode you would think we should feel obligation to help these people, but many people do not. They do not feel like they should have to help these people because either they do not know them so why should it matter, or they got themselves into this situation they should get themselves out. Everyone matters, and everyone deserves a second chance. Have faith in people, not every poverty stricken person is in that situation because they made bad decisions in the past, you do not know everyone’s story, and you should not be quick to judge. Even writing this I feel hypocritical because I know that I am quick to judge others in need, or I am automatically scared of them because I assume they have done something bad to be in that situation. Helping others does not always mean you have to go downtown and get on your hands and knees and start scrubbing a floor, or help at a food pantry or soup kitchen. No, donating money to organizations which are set up to help the homeless can help just as much as donating your time. If you have the money it is always good to give back to the community and help others who have not been as blessed as you. Many clubs in school and colleges require volunteering in the community because they realize how important it is, and helps people to think about others and not just about themselves. It also boosts the morale of the community. It is a good feeling knowing you are doing something for someone else and not just thinking about yourself.

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