Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Eminem Can Rap Quickly

This week is a three day week for me; I’m not quite sure how I can type 500 words on basically one class. I missed Monday, and Tuesday we talked about the Great Gatsby. Now that we’ve finished with it, I can say wholly that I really didn’t like that book. All of the characters were arrogant and careless. No one made smart choices and people were just running around shooting people by the end. Here is my final analysis of all of the characters. Nick was the most descent person in the novel; at least he tried to have compassion for people. Tom is an idiot. I really have no other words to describe him. He is just a hypocrite to blame Daisy for cheating. Come on now. Then there was Daisy who was incredibly incompetent. She was the most careless all of them. She is a weepy character and I cannot stand weepy people. Seriously, even if your life sucks, you need to get over it. She didn’t even have a bad life! But she was all oh blahblah I’m so unhappy! Well, I guess I should call her whiney. I felt like she was whining the whole time during the novel! Jordan was unimportant to the plot for the most part. She and Nick broke up over practically nothing and neither of them seemed to care. What was the point of being together then? Myrtle died. George was a creep. And Gatsby, by the end of the book, was a complete desperate loner. He planned his life around being with Daisy again, and look at her! She has no brain! He shouldn’t have wasted his time. No one came to the funeral, which is sad, but he just seemed like one of those people that are completely empty inside. He has nothing going on his life and he seemed to live for the acceptance of other people. That is no life at all. He must have been constantly dealing with rejection, because that aspiration is not one that someone should have. (344 words through!). So that was my thought on the Great Gatsby now that it’s over. My last blog was like this, but now I am completely informed of the characters. Today in class we had to think of a formula that related to the extensive poem we read in class. Not a bad poem; not bad at all. However I had few formulas to use, since I’m in AP stat, so I remember very little from last year in pre-cal. My equation was for how to get a Z-score. A Z-score is a standardized number for… statistics. Yeah, we’ll go with that (:. My explanation didn’t make much sense, but hey. I did try. Tonight we have to read pages 206 to 238 in As I Lay Dying. This book has been a tough read. In forty pages, all they do is travel a little distance and talk about nonsense. As for the discussions on whether Anse has good intentions, I think he does. Sure he may technically be “disrespecting” the body by dragging it around in the heat with them everywhere. But honestly, these people are extremely unintelligent and have no clue what they’re doing. They probably DO think that what they’re doing; so I think their intentions are good. Also, there is some foreshadowing when it said that Addie would be saved in the fire and water (or something along those lines). I tried to look info up on the book a couple weeks ago, and apparently –SPOILER ALERT- the wagon gets incinerated. Gasp! Well, Addie gets cremated instead of buried, I suppose.

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