Sunday, March 14, 2010

In-Class Entry 3/15/10

This weekend brought our last reading assignment for As I Lay Dying, and I do not think that Faulkner wrote a very good ending for the novel. I think that it was very lackluster and boring and was empty of any real substance or solid significant event. It seems like the author rushed the ending and after Addie got buried, the author just wanted to quickly end the book. The only important thing I see at the conclusion of the novel is Anze's change. He went from a passive, dull father to a shining new husband with a new fancy set of teeth and a hot new wife. I feel bad for the children who just randomly got this new mom, but I think Faulkner is trying to tell the audience that Anze never really loved Addie. This would bring about a sort of theme for the novel about respect in my opinion. Even though Anze didn't love Addie, he still was loyal and nice enough to travel so far an work so hard to take her to her preferred final resting place. That is the epitome of respect and I think Anze is definitely a classic, respectful guy. Another part that sticks out in my head about the ending of the book is Peabody's last chapter when he is talking to Cash about his leg. This showed the significant injury that Cash had been putting up with the whole journey. The chapter gave me a gruesome image of what his leg might look like with all the torn up and black skin from the concrete. Also, Dewey Dell attempts for the second time to retrieve abortion medicine, but this time with a much more accepting physician. I felt a little skeptical about the pills that the doctor gave her and I don't think that they were going to work, just as Dewey Dell started to say before the end of the book.
This week in school we read a very wierd poem titled The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock. The poem was very confusing and rhymed only partially. After reading the poem not once, but twice, we then had to write and equation representation of the poem. After choosing an equation from either a math or physics class, we then had to choose different parts of the poem that were to be represented by the equation's variables. After relating all the variables, one effect is achieved that is equivalent to the poem's meaning. We also finished reading The Great Gatsby this past week and I didn't really think that book was that bad. It was a quick and easy read that was somewhat interesting. I did think the ending was very significant and symbolic of many different things in comparison to the ending of Faulkner's novel. I'm surprised that Gatsby didn't have a grand funeral though, but I geuss it just shows that Gatsby didn't have any true relationships with people and kind of used his wealth to make him seem popular.

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