Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Oh my.

While I have some memories fresh in my mind, I can write these blogs with intelligence! Well, maybe. So today I attended the Drive Smart program (is it one or two words???). Anyway, it was pretty freaky. They showed us three videos on crashes and what they cause. The first one was a seat belt video. Thanks Georgia for making them legal! Personally, I cannot drive WITHOUT a seatbelt. I like being securely snug in my seat, especially since my car is so low to the ground and small. I need that seatbelt! So that video got giggles; I don’t know why though. Secondly, there was one about a girl who was texting while she was driving. (It was filmed in another country because the steering wheel was on the right side of the car instead of the left). So she’s driving along texting some guy her friend liked, swerved into the opposite lane and WHAM. They got it. So then we go into a slow-mo of an accident with their limbs and heads all flailing around and such. We can’t forget the head slamming into all the windows now. That part was nasty. After that, they all thought that they were safe. They start looking around and then BAM, another car slams into them again! They go spinning around in their slo-mo ways again, necks cracking, more blood and gore… the whole deal! It was awful. So the driver wakes up, looks around and sees that her friends are dead. She freaks out, as would anyone, and starts screaming like a maniac. They show a shot of the next vehicle that got hit and there’s a child in the back seat going, “Mommy, Daddy, wake up!”. The parents, I assume, were dead. Then they show a baby with it’s eyes freakishly wide and unmoving? Dead baby???? I’m not quite sure. So then that video ended and we were faced with yet another tragic video about DUIs. It was a bunch of clips put together about people drinking, smoking, and partying then getting into a car and driving. All the crashes were freaky. They showed people walking in the streets getting taken out and children on bicycle getting run into. Then there was the head-into-the-windshield stuff again (which is not fun to watch at all.) They showed these parents holding their dead children that were lying on the street and people LAUGHED. How sick and twisted is that? I was horrified. That would be the worst feeling in the world. What if after you die you get to watch what happens to your body? So if you were in that situation, then you could watch your parents fall APART while holding your lifeless body. It would be the worst things in anyone’s life (could it be considered life?), in my opinion. So that, again, freaked me out. I didn’t want to drive when I left there. But I did, obviously, and on the way home the street was blocked with an ambulance and three police cars! I think a car just ran off the road, but still! Pretty ironic. It was a rough night.

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