Sunday, March 14, 2010

Free Entry

You see, when I started my other journal I had an idea of what I was going to write about for this one but now that I actually have to write it I have no idea what it is going to be about. O well, I have thought of something else to write about: the SAT. (By the way that was a beautiful colon: just saying...) Since I signed up pretty late for the SAT I did not have much choice of where to take it. Of course I would have liked to take it at a nice school in a nice area with nice people, but that was not the case. I signed up late so my choice was North Springs. North Springs is far away in a not so nice area filled with not so nice people. I know that it is a drama and science magnet school so this might be hard for you to hear me talk about it like this but it's not a very nice school. It was not so bad because by some luck I found out that one of my closer friends was also taking the test at North Springs. So now we could ride together! It would be much better now, but still very far away. I told her to come to my house at 6:45 in the morning because I needed her there at 6:50. I thought that she would be late but she proved me wrong. Here I come down the stairs dressed and ready for breakfast and I see her car in front of my house at 6:40. What a champ! Well after I ate breakfast we left. My dad thought that I would have trouble driving down there because we had to go on the highway but we were all good.
So we get to this place it is smashed up on a hill. We miss it the first time and then we had to turn around and go back. Well, we finally got there and realized that the kids that we were taking the test with did not live in the country club and were not going to Duke. As we waited in line, presented our I.D., go the card, went to room, and sat down the school did not look very good. I was crammed in some super tiny class room with like 7' ceilings. As I sit down I hear a kid telling another kid that he does not go to North Springs anymore because he had been kicked out and that he now goes to Independence. Yea, great kids. Even though knowing that very possibly I was going to get the highest score in the room( and I am not even that elite compared to some kids I know) the test began. It was just as long as I remember and the language arts was just as hard. The essay and math I felt I did very well. I hope I can get a 1300 so I don't have to take it again.

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