Sunday, March 14, 2010

Dr. Orin Scrivello

Well, this weekend I saw Little Shop of Horror’s and I thought that at the beginning the plant was moving all on it’s own. Then Abbie and Nicole told me that it definitely wasn’t and that it was the actor’s arm that was really moving the monster plant around. Then possibly one of the most entertaining moments of the night happened: the dentist, Dr. Orin Scrivello came out and performed the song “Dentist!” and I absolutely love that song now! It was amazing, I came home last night and I bought the original broadway cast version of the song and it’s just as funny as when I saw it last night. I also got to hear my FAVORITE duet from a musical “Suddenly Seymour.” It was really pretty last night but in all honesty I’ve heard it better. I think that was just because the actress was hard to hear, she didn’t have a lot of power in her voice and the song just lacked a little. I was kind of disappointed in the ending though, it was like he just up and climbed in the plants mouth planning to save the love of his life rather than just slicing the thing open from the inside. I mean it’s not like Seymour is Jack Sparrow, how’s he plan to tear the thing apart from the inside? I guess it was just kind of like...okay the main characters are dead, see you later. I’d definitely see it again though it was entertaining enough.

What’s not entertaining, though, is all of this college stress I feel right now. Today I had a college summer intensive audition and while they accepted me on the spot I still get this icky feeling whenever I think about this summer. It’s all happening too fast. I mean it’s all just kind of ending and starting and in a way my summer is dependent on others to like my acting. I mean it’s weird to think that someone other than myself likes my acting because like 25% of the time I’m not so sure I am really any good. (The other 75% I am pretty much confident I am a really decent actor.) I mean normally don’t feel all weird unless I look at the big picture, at which point I scurry off to my safe place. Which I guess works for right now but I can’t do that forever. I mean maybe I can, who’s to say that I can’t just run away from everything that terrifies me. Well, me since I am big supporter of just jumping into the water. I mean that’s why I can’t run away forever. If there’s one thing I will not be it’s a hypocrite. It’s people that don’t mean what they say that are the lowest excuses for human beings I’ve ever met. It might be hard but if a person is not willing to support what you say with actions then everything they’ve said is a lie and I really dislike lies.

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