Monday, March 15, 2010

Entry #1

My weekend was fantastic. I would say that if I was lying. My weekend was once again dull. I think I have too many dull weekends. After all, since these are the so-called greatest years of my life, I think I should have more fun. At least, my weekends should be un-dull.

But perhaps that’s for another time. This entry is about this weekend and the dullness that came with it.

On Friday, I did nothing but study for the SAT. Which basically means, I did nothing. I tried studying for it a little bit, but it just stressed me out. I was not allowed to go out of the house because I had the SAT the next day, so there was nothing for me to do. In fact, the doors were actually constantly watched by my family. My mom was constantly vigilant in her watch of the garabage and back door, while my nosy brother lounged around in front of the front door. Of course, he wasn’t just guarding it. He was also playing pokemon. Nevertheless, it still felt like a very DMZ-ish area.

That’s why I stayed upstairs all day. I think I looked at maybe 5 flashcards. That’s okay though. I constantly learned new things from the internet. For instance, I learned the difference between a rabbit and a bunny. It was a very interesting subject. Many websites said different things. One website said that a rabbit was an adult while a bunny was a baby. Another website said that a rabbit is real, while a bunny is fictional (this one isn’t very persuasive). Also, another website said that there was not a difference between rabbits and bunnies and that the terms were interchangeable. With this plethora of knowledge that I gathered on Friday, I was ready to take the test on Saturday.

Again, I’m not able to say much about the SAT. After all, Mr. Glenn, you might be able to create practice problems that would help your students do well on it. That cannot do. The students must buy official SAT booklets in order to study for the SAT.

Anyways, the SAT was not too difficult. I already got a 2220. Thank you very much. However, it isn’t what I expected. In fact, it’s far from it. I expected to do a lot better in reading and writing. On the PSAT I received a 230. I thought I would get something that would be in that range. By the way, I got an 800 in math on the January SAT (of course, what else would you expect from an exemplary Asian like me?)

I was shooting for really high grades in reading and writing this time. I just checked my score breakdown, and I got about 4 easy-medium questions wrong. That cannot do. I must have a great SAT score. I must be able to conquer the reading and writing section whose top grades have eluded us Asians for many years. I don’t think that last sentence was grammatically correct.

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