Sunday, March 14, 2010

Class Entry

I was going to try to write my second entry on the bus ride home from Disney but I just could not do it. First of all, I was writing them on my iPod and it is very difficult to type a long entry on that little screen and keyboard. Second of all, the bus was a little loud and I could not really concentrate. The other entry usually does not take too much concentration but the class entry usually requires a little bit because I actually have to think about what I am writing. I usually look at my agenda at the homework that we had in order to remember something to write about. As of this past weekend, we are finally done with reading As I Lay Dying. At first I was not too fond of this novel but I will admit that it did grow on me a little bit as we got deeper and deeper into it. It got much more interesting as time passed and I started to enjoy it and understand it much better. I started to like it much more when Cash started bleeding to death, Darl started losing his mind, and Dewey Dell started looking for a solution for her hidden problem. I also liked when Darl lit the barn on fire because I thought that was pretty funny and unexpected. In the beginning he was a fairly quite character but he is really starting to let loose at the end. At the very end of the novel, the family finally buries their mother and Anse finally gets himself a new pair of teeth, along with a new wife to go with it. I didn’t really see Anse as the kind of guy who would do that but I guess I was wrong.

This week we sort of stepped out of our usually routine and did something a little different. Usually, we talk about the reading as a class, write some stuff about important words and quotes, and relate it to other things we are talking about. But this week we read a poem. I think it was probably one of the longest poems I have ever read. When I think of poems I think of short and sweet poems with some rhyming here and there. This poem was really long but for the most part, it rhymed pretty well. The poem was a little confusing and hard to keep up with but after reading it twice (because according to Glenn, you always need to read a poem twice) I got a better understanding of the message in the poem. After reading the poem, we had to pick a math or physics equation and somehow relate it to the poem. At first, I sat at my desk at a complete loss because I could not think of an equation. Nothing spectacular popped in my head so I settled on the simple distance equals rate times time and derived it to be rate equals distance over time because I thought that would better relate to the poem. As always, I am looking forward to another week in AP Lang class. We have a weird schedule this week because of the graduation testing so I will only get to see Mr. Glenn three days this week. I am looking forward to missing some classes this week, but of course, not Mr. Glenn’s class. Adios for now.

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