Sunday, March 14, 2010


So, it is eight thirty on Sunday night and I am writing journals. I honestly did not mean to procrastinate this much but this weekend just was busy I guess. Thursday night Jessie and I worked out for about two hours then sat at home and watched movies. Friday I got to see friends who were home from college. Saturday I worked for six hours which I thought was going to be the death of me. On the bright side I got a free buffalo chicken salad from Zaxby’s which was very good and helped get me through the longest day ever. I think everyone just decided that yesterday would be the best day to go prom dress shopping. Seriously, I think eighty girls came through the store looking for dresses. It was a mad house. After work I came home and got ready to go to a party that I never ended up going to. My friends I was supposed to meet there decided to leave so Jessie and I sat at her house again and messed with people on formspring. That website is so dumb, like hey let me ask you random questions anonymously. Maybe people should get up the courage to actually ask you as themselves or they do not deserve to know the answer. I guess since I do not have as much to write I will use the rest of this blog as my class entry because this week was short. I really enjoyed reading The Great Gatsby and I was disappointed we did not get to read any more of it this week. However, I am thrilled to announce that we are done with As I Lay Dying. I could possibly scream it from a mountain top right now if I had a mountain that was accessible. I thought I had already typed a lot more than I actually have. That is disappointing. Anyways, this week was pretty short and for some reason I can not seem to remember what we did. It will probably come to me shortly. I wish we could watch the movie The Great Gatsby. I think it would be a good day if we did that. To make it educational we could discuss the outfits and how they relate to class and character descriptions and how we pictured them. We could talk about how the people look different than what we originally pictured in our minds and what we have written down in our unit notes. I should probably just make up lesson plans for you Mr. Glenn; I think our class would be grateful. Did you like my appropriate use of a semi-colon just there? I think I have got the semi-colon down to a science, not so much the colon. It is confusing. I am a little nervous to get my paper back that took us forever to write and has taken forever to get graded and handed back. Hopefully, I’ll keep my A in the class!

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