Sunday, March 14, 2010

I have recently decided that A.P. Lang gets a little more interesting or entertaining every day. Last week it was the Alice in Wonderland set up that helped the class fly by. Between the reading and the tea, the rest of my classes just couldn’t get up to the same level of interest. As the new movie portraying its own version of the story, all other versions seem to have been brought back into light. However, reading the original version was pretty interesting. I have to say I was anticipating some thing crazy boring and really rather difficult to understand. I was pretty surprised to see easy to understand terms and fun use of words. Seriously, I think I’m going to have to go buy the book and read it for real. The song that went along with the plot of the book was really rather creepy though. The music video type thing we watched was pretty good but a little confusing the way the pieces fit together. We really should have had a class field trip to see the movie. It would have been a great learning experience and would’ve fit in perfectly with the American Literature part of class. I would love to have class like that more often. (Hint hint, if you’re really reading these blogs Mr. Glenn) Ha-ha.
But anyways, on to this semi-past week! We finally finished the Great Gatsby and the end was almost as bad as the rest of the book. I have no idea how this one book has managed to stick around in core curriculum for the past 70-80 years or so. It really has no point in still being taught. I was so happy with the last chapter being done. Then there was only As I Lay Dying to focus on and suffer through. I still hate all of the little inbred characters. Except Cash. He’s not too bad I decided. At least he has a skill and a job. The rest of them though, I can’t for any tragedy to take them over. This one is almost done too though, so it’s not that bad.
Probably the most interesting thing we did this week though was trying to fit a math or physics equations to a long poem/ song. It was pretty hard to even begin to think of the two subjects on the same level. Even after seeing an example and discussing it, it was hard work. Finally I found an equation I could use, in my statistics book. It’s really strange I picked something from stat seeing as how I hate more than I’ve ever hated anything in my life. Anyways, though, I was selected from my group to present the equation and the meaning. After explaining it, I believe I got a smiley face for it. Even though Mr. Glenn said it was only because he remembered it was a representation of sigma, I reminded him what sigma was. It was a good try, but I get the smiley face.  Ha-ha.
Ok well that’s my entry for the week. Oh, and by the way, that wasn’t to waste words because at the end of the previous paragraph I had 506words. But ok I’m done now. Can’t wait to see what the next week includes.

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