Sunday, March 14, 2010

class Entry 3/14/10

This week was a short week for me since I was sick on Monday. I was excited because I finished The Great Gatsby and completed one of my journals. Basically, all we did in class the next day was talk about the end to The Great Gatsby. I did not like the ending, and it was a shame that Gatsby did not have anyone except for his dad and Nick at his funeral. I think some people could have gone to his funeral. It is not that big of a deal to show up, especially if they are considered one of Gatsby’s good friends. It just goes to show us that not everyone cares.

The next day, we had to read a poem and then make a math or physics equation that corresponds with the poem. I used velocity equals distance divided by time. I was not a huge fan of that assignment since I am not a math person at all. I ended up working with Sarah and Elizabeth. It was not that bad, it was just hard thinking of something to fit. My mind just does not think of things in that way. Maybe I just need more practice.

Tonight, I have to finish As I Lay Dying. I am so ready for that book to finish. This year, I have been very disappointed with the choice of books that I have read. Last year, we actually read books that kept my interest. I do not know if it is the fact that we are reading American literature, or if it is the fact that we are in AP. Who knows? So far in the book, they have been traveling to bury Addie. It seems to me as if they have the worst luck ever. The Bundren family seems to have some pretty bad karma.

I am actually proud of myself that I am typing this journal before dark. Normally, I would wait to see what other people would write about class, since I forget what we actually did that week. I can remember the main details, but the minor details slip my mind. Since everyone else in class does the same thing as I do, it is a loose-loose situation. Oh well. On Thursday, we just presented our math equations. We got into groups and picked the best one. I am thankful that mine was not picked.

I actually like the allusions that we learn in class. The allusions actually stick in my mind, and I can recognize them. Allusions are far better than the words of the day. With the words of the day, I wrote them down, made flashcards, and only used them on the word of the day quizzes. On the other hand, for the allusions, I can see when someone is using one. One day, in U.S. history, my teacher used the strange bedfellow allusion, and I think I was one of the only people that got what he was trying to say.

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