Sunday, March 21, 2010

A Universal Issue

As needed I researched, to an extent, what philanthropy and poverty are so that I could write about them for the this blog. In my research I asked my aunt Bec what she thinks about the two issues and she said, “If you’re asking me if people with surplus funds should help those in need, then I think they should if that’s their calling. If it’s a part of their nature to want to help others.”

Rebecca is my second mother and a truly extraordinary women. As an extremely influential person in the pearl trade she has traveled around the world to various countries and as part of her adventures she takes with her quilts she has sewn and gives them to people in need. The pictures she has of these poverty stricken people with her quilts are beautiful and heart breaking. These people look utterly grateful for the gift she has given them, yet their eyes betray their look of happiness with a kind of sadness I can’t even comprehend.

When it comes to philanthropy and poverty I think that those people in the world that want to help the less fortunate should. It takes a special person to give something to someone else and be satisfied with knowing the only thing they’ll receive is love. The receiver won’t return a physical gift but the love that passes between the two, the mutual respect, is far greater than any material thing. That sentiment, essentially, is what is understood by those who have a philanthropic nature: for anyone else the process isn't nearly so satisfying.

However I do believe that helping the poor has it’s limits. I personally think that we create our own lives, that we live the life we choose to because there is a lesson to be learned from the events that happen. If a charity were to just give money to the poor I think that defeats the purpose of learning life lessons. The point of the souls journey, at least in my mind, is to experience and learn the lessons it needs to so it can evolve. Giving to the poor the essential things like love, warmth, and food is what the philanthropic types should do because it aids the person on their journey; it gives them to tools to live so that they can learn. Those who don’t have that kind of nature or calling should stay far away from any kind endeavor to help the poor.

Those who don’t have the calling or the intense desire to help those in poverty will only worsen the situation. The universe works off a series of vibrations and any vibration that doesn’t ring on a high level will only attract other low vibrations. Low vibrations manifest into physical things with low vibrational energy and the cycle will only continue. The giving of funds to those that desire and wish to give to those in need is fine since any of the low vibration will be transferred elsewhere while the high vibration takes over because a higher vibration is stronger than a low one. The products that are made will result in high good vibrations which will attract more of the same thing. Everything goes in a cycle responding to what is put forth. So those who just give uncaringly won’t be helping those in need on a grand level. Maybe physically it helps but the internal part of this process will suffer. It’s the insides of these things that count the most. Giving should be an act of willingness not something someone should feel forced or expected to do. Philanthropy in respect to poverty is something that should be done, the philanthropic types will not only physically help the poor but universally help them as well.

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  1. I agree with your main argument- those how have the will and the means to help the poor should. These types of people, who are willing to take on the initiative rather than "passing the buck", are necessary to the purpose of philanthropy. That much is true. However, i don't understand what you mean when you say that there is a "limit" to helping the impoverished. There are currently millions of people around the world dieing of hunger and disease. Generous donations can only help so many. I doubt it would be good for society to start setting 'limits" on aid when we aren't even close to helping out all those who are still in need. Plus, i think that by physically giving money to the poor you are obviously helping then no matter your intentions. I was completely lost when you started talking about "universal vibrations", but i think i sort of get where your going with that-that by giving to the poor you may help them physically but perhaps not mentally if they realize your intentions are not true. This is a reasonable argument, however i think this is a rather trivial issue when you look at the larger scope of things. Helping the poor survive PHYSICALLY should be of our highest priority as of now. It is too soon to worry about such details.