Sunday, March 7, 2010

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This week was pretty uneventful much like all the other week. My week was pretty bad so im just going to skip that and talk about my weekend which was uneventful too but at least it wasn’t bad. On Friday night I didn’t really do much. This is because I lost my phone at Web Bridge Park last Sunday. Chase said he tried to call me and that some guy picked up who said he found my phone and was going to leave it with the park authorities. Well that never happened because my mom called the park authorities and they said they had no idea what she was talking about. I think there is a chance that this guy was telling the truth and that he really did leave it with the park people, but then the park people decided they would just keep it…great. Either way, I’m screwed because I still don’t have my phone and its been a week.

Anyway back to my mildly eventful weekend. Friday night, instead of going to a party I went to my dad’s house like a do every other weekend since my parents are divorced. My dad’s a pretty cool guy but he’s also pretty lonely since he lives by himself.

Saturday was pretty boring. (If your reading this then I suggest you skip this next part because it really is just a bunch of trivial crap but I need to write it down in order to fill up this word count so yea…just skip it please). I got to drive around the whole day with my dad. First we went to Sam’s club and bought some random crap. I bought a whole box of flaming hot cheetos-wholesale…yea one of those boxes that’s got “50 singles” in it. Then we went to the most boring and disgusting store ever- Tuesday Morning. My dad said he needed to buy a rug for his house so we went their and randomly saw my mom there…yea. Then me and my dad drove home and ordered Papa John’s pizza- the large 7-topping pizza for 10 dollars deal. It was pretty good pizza. That was my Saturday.

I really hope you didn’t read that because if you didn’t then you might as well not bother reading this next part too because this is my Sunday and since Sundays are so notoriously uneventful, based on my Saturday night, you can obviously predict that this one will be as worse as they come…and youd be right. On Sunday, I woke up late 1:00 to be exact, got up, ate some Captain Crunch, and then I had to read that crap section from As I Lay Dying. Then I drove to Web Bridge Park to play soccer with my friends until about 6:00. This was a lot of fun as it is every week. Then I went home and watched the Oscars. Here I am now writing this and now ive just met my word count so lets go. I’m out. See ya.

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