Sunday, March 7, 2010

class entry

I’m not gonna lie- this class sucks. Last semester I found some way of dealing with it (I though I was gonna get screwed with all the AP’s im taking so I took school a little overboard. Not to worry though im back to my lazy ways), but this semester I cant. Everything from the books we read, to the in-class discussions, to the allusion of the day/word of the day crap, to those picky trivial pop quizzes we have to take, just straight up sucks. I signed myself up to take AP Lit next year, but if its anything like this class then I’m definitely not gonna like it.

I guess I’ll start with the books we’ve read so far in the year. They’re all so horrible there is no point in even debating which one is worse. The Scarlet Letter was the most boring piece of crap of ever read. So was Beloved, so was that other crap we read at the beginning of the year- Sontag’s war novel watcha-ma-call-it- crap. So is the stuff we are reading now like the Great Gatsby and As I Lay Dying. All of these novels have one thing in common other than the fact that they suck- they are all about a bunch of trivial, repitive nonsense, taking boredom to a degree which rivals this class, itself. American classics pssh…its like reading 400 pages about what your grandma and grandpa do on a Sunday.

The next thing that really blows about this class is the way the grading works. Lke all other literature classes, the grading is really based on the mood of your teacher at a given point in time. That’s okay. They all seem to have this flaw so we’ll cut them some slack. The other thing that annoys me is that as a general rule, you’d like to think that the smartest people in a class will naturally earn the best grades. Noooo, that not the case here. This class doesn’t actually test how smart you are. It tests your patience that’s for sure-but its all just busy work. Those stupid allusion quizzes, pop quizzes, class notes…none of that is designed to test how smart you are. Its designed to test your ability to detect and remember small and unimportant bits of information that no one cares about and that will have no future value in your life and that you will probably forget within a day or two. It also tests how lucky your are. (whether you did your reading or not and whether you remember what country the main character’s maid is from) Unfortuanately, luck is something I don’t have very much of. Essays, I admit, are the things that really separate whose smart from whose not- but we don’t really have much of those. No, what we have is a bunch of class discussion in which a small group of obnoxious “characters” voice their two-tone opinions. Oh yea and we have these journals, which serve no purpose whatsoever other than to annoy the crap out of everyone.

Oh looks like that’s ^ 500 words so im done. By the way, I use the word crap a lot because other more appropriate words are too vulgar.

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