Sunday, March 7, 2010

So I just finished watching the Oscar and it seems like it is just like every other Oscar (of course that is to be expected). So basically people won and people lost and all goes jolly. There are of course a few films that were clear cut favorites of this Oscar (Avatar, Hurt Locker, Precious, etc). There are also some pretty powerful stories that were exchanged during the Oscar. I felt that the story about the making of “Precious” was particularly touching.
Enough about the Oscars, I will do what Mr. Jeon calls random writing and telling you about my day and such. So now I will stream on to a stream of vacuous vacuousness to bring about some vacuous feeling in our vacuous lives. I have the SATs next week and feel my scores will be as vacuous as this journal entry. I watched the Oscar (but of course that statement is a particular kind of vacuousness that we tend to call redundant). We had an Asian party at my house on Saturday and, to quote I think most of my classmates, “it was fun”. We did absolutely something and we did something not. We also did something something. I don’t think I am making sense, but, hey, that is how most second entries are. To top off the vacuousness, there was a debate tournament at UGA this weekend that JCHS went to. We did pretty well as a school. But since I didn’t go, all this was vacuous ranting of something that I wish could have happened. I wish I had a pony. I hope I do well on the SAT. Let’s jump into what I did day to day. Monday was boring, nothing happened. Tuesday was boring, nothing happened (except debate practice). Wednesday was boring, nothing happened. Thursday was boring, nothing happened. Friday was boring, nothing happened. Saturday was boring, we had a party at my house. Sunday was boring, I watched the Oscars. Because nothing really happened this week, I am going to ramble about how nothing happened this week. Nothing happened this week. It was a good week. I only had 5 quizzes and tests. I hope I passed. Yea. That’s about it. Wait this doesn’t fill out the 500 word requirement. So I might as well repeat myself. Nothing happened this week. It was a good week. I only had 5 quizzes and tests. I hope I passed. Yea. That’s about it. Wait a second, I just thought of something really interesting that actually happened. I will tell you now. We went to the mall. It was fun. That is all.
Now that that spiel was over, hopefully you get my point. It seems to me that we are really neglecting the second and what I think should be the easier one of the journal entries. This is where people could talk about their beliefs (such as feminism, liberalism, conservatism, communism, etc), their ideas, and other things of their interest. It seems that most people believe it to be more convenient just to write about their day and transform this entry into just a series of incoherent thought (maybe that is the point, as Mr. Faulkner demonstrates). The point is this: it is much easier writing something that is interesting to you than to write something so you can get 500 words on a page. Instead of doing a routine run through of your day, talk about stuff that you want to talk about. It would not only be easier on your mind (seeing that you really don’t need to ask yourself “what else did I do?”) and it would be much easier on Mr. Glenn’s mind too (so he doesn’t have to get to the point where he pulls out his facial hair again).

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