Sunday, March 7, 2010

Class Entry

This week during AP language arts class went well. We had to makeup multiple choice questions for the AP exam coming up in May. I am nervous about the AP exam because the multiple choice questions are extremely difficult and they try to trick you on every single question. Any ways, our assignment was to create four multiple choice questions for practice for the AP exam based on the Great Gatsby. It was a semi-difficult assignment because we were given a list of rules on how to create the questions. Also, I have just finished reading chapter 8 in the Great Gatsby and it was a very interesting chapter. Gatsby is devastated that him and Daisy are still apart when he is clearly madly in love with her. I am very surprised that George Wilson goes to Gatsby’s house and ends up killing Gatsby. This might have so called ruined the book in my opinion. The ideal story would have been for Gatsby and Daisy to fall in love, however that is not going to happen by the looks of what happened in chapter 8. Another assignment that we had to do was to predict why Mr. Glenn thinks that Scott Fizgerald is a psychic. This was an extremely confusing assignment because I had no idea why he would think Fitzgerald is a psychic based on page 135 in The Great Gatsby. After going to class that day and finding out the answer, it is very possible that Scott Fitzgerald did predict the Great Depression, however I also think that it might be coincidental as well. No one can predict a decade of depression five years before it happens. I do however think that Scott Fitzgerald was telling people that they will pay for their decade of partying, foolish drunk driving and other nonhuman activities. I am also glad that we know some of the real truth about Gatsby before he died. Earlier in the novel, Gatsby was a mysterious man that seemed to be tied in with some illegal business. He is even friends with Meyer Wolfsheim, which means that Gatsby might have taken part in fixing the 1919 World Series in which the Chicago White Sox bet against baseball so that they could win large sums of money. Maybe that is really where Jay Gatsby’s wealth came from however, no one will ever know for sure. As I keep reading the book, As I Lay Dying, it gets more confusing to read each time I pick up the hard back cover. They have now been on the journey of eighty days to bury Addie Bundren, which is causing a lot of stress on the Bundren family. In my opinion, they should have just buried her in their backyard, or at least some where close to there house where they would not have to cross any rivers or streams. The real reason why they want to bury Addie where they are going to is so Anse can get a pair of fake teeth. What a selfish and unloving father.

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