Sunday, March 7, 2010

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This week was a very stressful and sickening week for me. Not only was I sick two of the three days but I also had three games this past week and my team won all three of them. I am very happy that as a new school we have started off the season with a five and one record. Coming up this week we do not have a game Monday or Tuesday, but Wednesday we play Riverwood High School at Home and Friday we play Creekview High School on the road. These two games might be challenging to win however, I think our team has the talent to pull off these two victories. I hope to raise my average as I have started off the year not where I quite want to be, however, I am also not doing that bad at all. I am also excited for spring break. Spring break is coming up sooner than people think. It is only four weeks away which is not that long at all. This school year is moving by exceptionally at a fast rate and it is a very good thing. I have to play baseball on four of the days of spring break, but I am still going to Destin for four days. I have a game on the first Friday that school gets out for spring break, then the very next day I have a game on that Saturday. Right after my game, I am going down to Destin and staying in the Hilton Hotel with my friends Kane, Jordan and Jamie. We are going to get our own room while Jordan’s Dad and his mom stay in a separate room. I am looking forward to this year’s spring break because I have not been on an official spring break vacation since the seventh grade. The only downside to going on spring break is that I only get to stay Saturday night, all of Sunday, all of Monday, all of Tuesday, and then I have to leave on Wednesday morning to get back for baseball practice. I hope that the practice is cancelled so I can stay an extra day or at least maybe that the coach will let me miss that practice but I do not think that this is the case. I am only hoping to have a good time and make the most of my experience in Destin while I am there. I plan to go to Panama City one of the three days that I am there and maybe hang out with some friends that I know that are staying there such as Chase from our class. Spring Break is only four weeks away and I am starting to get anxious because the same routine of school everyday gets old after a while. Everyone eventually needs a vacation no matter who they are. I hope that I do well in my games this week and I also hope that I do well in school. It is only a four day week which is already one good omen for the week and I hope that it will turn out to be a good week for everybody.

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