Sunday, March 14, 2010

Spin Move!

Brittany Liebenow

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14 March 2010

Spin Move!

So this weekend I took the SAT. Whoever invented the SAT is a pathetic excuse for a person because that test is horrific. I think I did a horrible job. I can’t wait to take it again! Anyways, what happened after the SAT was super fun. I went to lunch and Alice in Wonderland at the Mall of Georgia with Sydney. We got our tickets and walked through the parking lot to get to a restaurant called Mimi’s that was super awesome. We ate so much food. I had a French dip, which was awesome. I would recommend it to people that are going to eat at Mimi’s in the near future. They also have amazing Coca-Cola, which isn’t that unusual.
After that adventure we walked back to the mall. We shopped around a lot, and we pretty much went into every single store we could think of. At about 6:10 we went up to our movie theater because our movie started at 6:30. Alice in Wonderland was amazing. I pity the fool that doesn’t think that movie is awesome. The only part of the movie that I legitimately didn’t like was Anne Hathaway. She wasn’t very good in that role at all. Alice I think was the best character. I am glad Tim Burton decided to go with an undiscovered actress because she fit the role so perfectly. The girl that played the younger Alice was just as cute as a button too.
After the movie we went into H and M, and the people that worked there kept giving us death stares because it was 8:30; apparently the mall closes at 9. I got kind of aggravated because the people are getting paid for a reason. It’s not like we were staying there after hours. I put a giant orange flower clip in my hair and almost did a tango, but I watched Sydney try on jackets instead.
Sydney then invited me to sleep over, which was also awesome. I realized that I didn’t have my phone with me and hadn’t called my dad all day, so I called him. He was apparently worried about me and thought I was up to no good. I thought that was pretty funny. Up to no good? Doing what? I’m Brittany for Heaven’s sake. I was allowed to sleep over anyway, and Sydney showed me the wonders of The Office. I love that TV show so much. My favorite characters are by far Jim and Pam. I also like Dwight, though, because of his spin move.
After watching a bit more TV, we watched time spring forward from 2 to 3. It was kind of depressing to be honest. I feel like an hour of my life was just stolen from me. It was ok, though, because we slept in until about 12 noon. After relaxing for a while it was time for us to part in order to do homework. I hate school. I also ordered a prom dress online too. I am pretty excited because it is supposed to get delivered this week. That was pretty much my awesome weekend.

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